Judge imposes gag order on Trump confidant Roger Stone after Instagram post

Judge imposes gag order on Trump confidant Roger Stone after Instagram post

Judge imposes gag order on Trump confidant Roger Stone after Instagram post

Longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone has been spared jail after posting a photo of gun crosshairs over a judge.

From this moment on, Stone may not speak publicly about the investigation or the case or any participants in the investigation or the case.

On Tuesday, Stone posted a photo of a book he received from a supporter, writing in an Instagram post that he was praying that it "protects me from the fake news media who are smearing me and purposely misinterpreting everything I say". "You don't get a third chance".

Stone apologized repeatedly Thursday before Jackson ruled. I offer no excuse for it, no justification... "This is just a stupid lack of judgment", Stone testified in a dramatic federal court hearing.

"Perhaps I talk too much", he added, though that was redundant.

On Monday, Stone posted a photo of Jackson with what appeared to be crosshairs near her.

"Thank you, but the apology rings quite hollow", she told Stone.

At one point, according to Reilly, Stone claimed that he does not exclusively use his own cell phone, saying he has five or six volunteers working for him. He said he did not know who the person was.

A federal judge on Thursday gagged Roger Stone entirely, several days after he posted a threatening photo of the judge on Instagram.

The now-deleted Instagram post from Monday called Jackson the judge at his "upcoming show trial" and said she couldn't be fair because she was an Obama appointee and had "incarcerated Paul Manafort". He later took down that version and reposted it without the crosshairs, before taking down the post a second time. He also slightly altered the text about Mueller and added a few more hashtags. She told the court that she would like to discuss the laws governing the First Amendment restraints around criminal trials.

Stone's lawyer, Bruce Rogow, said his client did not violate the gag order in the case or his conditions of release. One of the terms following his arrest is that he can not attempt to intimidate others, including judges and other officers of the court.

He acknowledged the image, which he described as a Celtic symbol, was improper.

In implementing the limited gag order on Friday, Jackson said it was necessary to "maintain the dignity and seriousness of the courthouse and these proceedings".

During the hearing, Reilly reports that Stone took the stand and explained, "I believe I abused the order, for which I am heart fully sorry". I let myself down.

"I didn't even recognize it was crosshairs. until it was brought to my attention by a reporter", Stone said at the hearing.

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