‘Fortnite’ announces World Cup, US$100m prize pool for 2019

‘Fortnite’ announces World Cup, US$100m prize pool for 2019

‘Fortnite’ announces World Cup, US$100m prize pool for 2019

Each Online Open qualifier will pay out a $1 million prize pool of its own to top contenders, and more weekly tournaments with $1 million in prizes will continue throughout the year.

A crisp $30 million of that is allocated toward the Fortnite World Cup which takes place in late July. Every player will leave the finals with at least $50,000 of the $30 million prize pool, while the solo champion will net themselves $3 million.

The Fortnite World Cup was first announced during Fortnite's ProAm event at E3 in June previous year.

Payouts will be distributed broadly, Epic announced in a February 22 update, with US$1 million split between eligible qualifying-round participants.

Fortnite World Cup will kick off in April. But considering the popularity of the game around the world, this is nothing to Epic Games.

Epic has revealed the details for its Fortnite World Cup event: it starts on April 13 with 10 weekly Online Open qualifiers followed by the World Cup Finals in July.

The final set of Overtime challenges have now become available so players will have a chance to get that free Battle Pass.

In fact, Epic Games has finally unveiled some more details about the Fortnite World Cup. These tournaments will feature different modes and formats to allow other players to compete and potentially win the massive cash prize.

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