YouTube kills 400 channels for hosting pedophilic comments

YouTube kills 400 channels for hosting pedophilic comments

YouTube kills 400 channels for hosting pedophilic comments

YouTube has announced that it will no longer allow to monetise channels, which promote anti-vaccination content after it was found that ads, including some from health companies, were running alongside anti-vaccination videos.

Parents remain concerned about safety both on YouTube and YouTube Kids. She said numerous kids she treats in the ER list videos on YouTube as a method used to learn destructive behaviors and self-harm techniques.

In early 2017, YouTube was lambasted over ads appearing alongside racist content and terrorist group videos, prompting Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, and AT&T, to name three notable brand marketers, to temporarily pull their advertising.

Watson's video shows that YouTube's comments section, when it comes to giving child predators a forum in which they can indulge their predilections, goes beyond vile and into the realm of risky. "We enforce these policies vigorously, and if we find a video that violates them, we immediately take action and remove ads", a YouTube spokesperson told Business Insider in a statement.

Nevertheless, it isn't the first time YouTube has faced problems with policing videos that contain comments from child predators. Perhaps even more alarming, once a user arrives at one such video, YouTube's algorithm seems to suggest only similarly "suggestive" content, usually featuring young girls.

On Thursday, YouTube told PCMag that it's been cracking down on the child predatory comments by even removing dozens of legitimate videos posted with innocent intentions over fears the content could still be exploited.

Those policies state that ads are not appropriate for YouTube videos that promote "harmful or unsafe acts that result in serious physical, emotional, or psychological injury", which includes anti-vaxxer content. Perhaps advertisers pulling their YouTube pre-roll ads, which many have done over the last 48 hours, will help push this process along more quickly.

Disney has also suspended its advertising on YouTube, according to Bloomberg, which cited unidentified people with knowledge of the matter.

AT&T Inc pulled all its advertising from Alphabet Inc's YouTube for the second time in two years after a magazine reported the platform displayed ads next to videos that showed the exploitation of children.

Will Facebook and other social platforms follow suit or reconsider their position on related content?

Hasbro said it was "pausing all advertising on YouTube, and has reached out to Google/YouTube to understand what actions they are taking to address this issue and prevent such content from appearing on their platform in the future".

Google has made major changes to YouTube in the past in response to advertiser concerns.

Let's hope YouTube solve the problem soon.

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