Thanos Better Watch Out — CAPTAIN MARVEL Review

Thanos Better Watch Out — CAPTAIN MARVEL Review

Thanos Better Watch Out — CAPTAIN MARVEL Review

His star pupil is Vers, a female warrior with incredible energy powers. Skrulls are shape-shifting aliens and they are totally evil. Vers sees flashes of a past life on Earth. We're introduced to Danvers, known as "Vers" (pronounced "Veers") to the Krees, in a dream sequence in which she flashes on stray images from her earthly childhood. After a slow build-up, once Captain Marvel starts to grasp her powers and untangle her past, the film soars, delivering in terms of epic action and emotional resonance.

With a Tomatometer score of around 90% and an average score fluctuating close to the 7/10 mark - a fairly unremarkable score for the standards of the MCU - it's clear that Captain Marvel isn't going to be a progressive event film on quite the level of, say, Wonder Woman or Black Panther.

Overall? Despite a few very minor issues which I stated above, Brie Larson's first cinematic solo outing as Captain Marvel is an incredibly ambitious Marvel Studios origin film that is amusing, action-packed and full of heart. However, the biggest problem was that when the stakes were raised, the consequences high and the personal blows heavy - I simply didn't care. While Chewie is definitely a female cat (more on that to come), Goose's sex isn't discussed in the film. Mendelsohn also gives Talos an unexpected depth. Carol spends much of the running time missing a piece of her identity - even her own name. With this duo at the center, Captain Marvel seamlessly moves from road movie, to heist film, to mystery thriller. In fact, backlash against star Brie Larson touting her efforts to make sure the film was "a big feminist movie" and the press junket wasn't "overwhelmingly white male" got bad enough that Rotten Tomatoes decided to make some big changes. After all, Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury wouldn't use his flash of dusting to make contact with her if she wasn't capable of saving the universe from an intergalactic threat not even The Avengers could contend against. The scenes with Maria and Vers are indeed attractive moments as we get to see their special bond of sisterhood and friendship. But on the other hand, the film's soundtrack could be a bit of a weakness. The de-aging effect used on Gregg and especially on Jackson is remarkable, as are how deftly the 90s references are used. She's been taught by her commander, Yon-Rogg (Jude Law), to fight smart and without emotion. There's also a wonderful marmalade cat, Goose. You know the kind, girls falling down and getting up again, withstanding jeers and taunts until you're weeping on your couch?

Variety noted its love for the film as well, along with Larson's performance. On a final note, there's a great tribute to Stan Lee that I don't want to spoil here but should have audiences applauding. Captain Marvel isn't a awful movie. The pair buddy-cop their way through a complex conspiracy chock-full of callbacks to the earlier phases of Marvel's Cinematic Universe, pausing periodically to poke fun at grunge fashion and the internet's awkward Altavista era. The action scenes are also disappointingly average. You've seen this movie before.

The story gets a tad confusing as it flashes back and forth in time.

Who are the Kree and the Skrulls?

So, Marvel executives, what are you waiting for? Plus, when you're used to the most recent Marvel films, where we already know each character and can see them shine nearly immediately, and Captain Marvel's "big moment" takes far too long to arrive. I went to go see it with three of my friends, and after, we were all trying to figure out what we liked and struggling, because while there were moments, it just didn't hit the way we had expected it to. Most of the hints we get of the friendship are in the form of a few brief flashbacks and some old photographs. "It can be a bit on-the-nose at times, and occasionally has to fast-track its exposition in ways that can feel slightly clunky, but what it lacks in grace it makes up for in charm". I felt frustrated that Zeus became the creator god, and that the Amazons got retconned to be created to save men from Ares. The movie more than sells itself, from Larson on down.

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