Tesla's third generation Supercharger cuts down charging times by half

Tesla's third generation Supercharger cuts down charging times by half

Tesla's third generation Supercharger cuts down charging times by half

Tesla says the Model S and X charging speeds will be "increased" via software updates in the coming months, though it is unclear if the S and X will support the full 250kW charge rate.

Core to the new high-speed performance is a new liquid-cooled cable that translates to a more flexible and easier to use cable. This superfast charging will reduce the wait for a full recharge of a auto by a 50-per cent; this is a huge time saver for people on the long inter-state drive.

The good news for Tesla owners doesn't end there, though.

Another neat feature is something called on-route battery warmup.

Elon Musk-owned electronic carmaker Tesla launched the company ambitious third generation Supercharger station V3 series in the US. The feature preconditions the battery for charging when the vehicle recognizes that it is navigating to a Supercharging station.

Apparently, it charges at rates of up to 1,000 miles per hour.

In more practical terms, Tesla says this will add up to 75 miles of range in just 5 minutes, more than enough for an average day's commuting in less time than it would take you to run in and use the restroom. This will ensure the automobile's cell is at the optimal temperature to charge, reducing average charge times for the owners by 25-percent.

As for older charging infrastructure, there are now over 12,000 V2 Superchargers, which will be unlocked for 145kW charge rates in the coming weeks. That in turn means less congestion and waiting at Supercharger stations, where long lines can sometimes form on holiday weekends. Tesla will also unlock the 145kW charge rate for its 12,000 V2 Superchargers over the coming weeks. Tesla plans to expand beyond the first beta charger next month, when it will break ground on the first public V3 Supercharger. The company says that thousands of new Superchargers will come online in 2019; it doesn't stipulate that all of these will be V3 Superchargers, but it would be unlike Tesla not to deliver its most advanced version.

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