Station: Suspect in Jayme Closs Abduction Says He’ll Plead Guilty

Station: Suspect in Jayme Closs Abduction Says He’ll Plead Guilty

Station: Suspect in Jayme Closs Abduction Says He’ll Plead Guilty

A Minnesota television station is reporting that the Wisconsin man charged in the kidnapping of 13-year-old Jayme Closs says in a letter from jail that he plans to plead guilty.

A letter sent to NBC affiliate KARE 11 reporter Lou Raguse, in Minneapolis says it is from the Polk County Jail, and the sender is Jake Patterson, the man accused of kidnapping Closs past year.

Jake Patterson sent KARE-TV in Minneapolis a letter saying he will plead guilty to charges and he doesn't want Closs' family "to worry about a trial".

Patterson was charged in February with murder for the October 15 shooting deaths of Closs' parents in Barron, Wisconsin, and for kidnapping the girl he is alleged to have targeted seemingly at random after spotting her boarding a school bus. According to a police complaint, he then kidnapped Jayme and kept her captive at his cabin, about 65 miles to the north, for almost three months - until she escaped on January 10.

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald told KARE-TV letters addressed to inmates are first opened and read by jail staff before they reach the person for whom they are intended. KARE reported that Fitzgerald told the station he was aware that Patterson had sent a letter to a KARE reporter.

Patterson's attorneys did not immediately respond to messages from the Associated Press. 'I want Jayme and her relatives to know that.

On the back of the note he wrote "I'm Sorry Jayme" in giant balloon letters.

"I can't believe I did this", he wrote.

On Jan. 10, Patterson told her he was going to leave the house for five or six hours, the complaint said, making her crawl under the bed beforehand.

Patterson was arrested moments later and charged with two counts of intentional homicide and a count of kidnapping and armed burglary. At the time I was really pissed.

Despite widespread searches, Jayme was not seen for 88 days.

'I didn't want to. After a scribbled redaction, he added: "The reason I did this is complicated". He writes that he never returned to Barron after the kidnapping, and that he only followed the news of Jayme's disappearance through news updates on his phone.

Patterson admitted to following some of the media coverage related to Jayme's disappearance on his cellphone, but said if it came on TV he quickly changed the channel.

But Patterson claimed authorities were "twisting [his] words around".

In the letter, the suspect says he did not tell anyone about kidnapping Jayme and whenever his father visited him on Saturdays, he would hide her in his room. Little mad about that.

Patterson said he planned to enter the guilty plea in a previous court appearance but was advised it wasn't allowed so he plans to enter the plea on March 27 when he appears again in court. He said it was "mostly on impulse" and stressed that he "doesn't think like a serial killer".

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