Donald Trump Jr. Applauds Tucker Carlson's Refusal To Apologize For Misogyny

Donald Trump Jr. Applauds Tucker Carlson's Refusal To Apologize For Misogyny

Donald Trump Jr. Applauds Tucker Carlson's Refusal To Apologize For Misogyny

In the years before Carlson became a Fox host, he called into the "Bubba the Love Sponge" radio show and delighted the shock jock by saying all sorts of crude things.

Carlson was widely criticized on Sunday following a report from the nonprofit Media Matters for America that compiled and transcribed more than a dozen instances of the host appearing on the "Bubba the Love Sponge Show", a popular radio program broadcast from Tampa.

While Outback says it cut ties in January, the decision had not been previously reported, and the chain is on Media Matters' list of Carlson's advertisers, which is being widely shared by critics of the Fox News host. Instead, he invited anyone who disagrees with his views as expressed these days on TV to come challenge him on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Especially feminism. If you're talking to a feminist and she's given you, well, you know men really need to be more sensitive and this, no, actually men don't need to be more sensitive. Carlson also suggested underage marriage is not as serious as forcible rape and called rape-shield laws "totally unfair".

The comments sparked new calls for an advertising boycott of Carlson's show.

Jeffs, Carlson said, was someone with "a different lifestyle that people find creepy".

According to Media Matters Carlson made off-color remarks aimed at Arianna Huffington, Britney Spears and Alexis Stewart, Martha Stewart's daughter.

CARLSON: What do you mean an accessory? "He's like got some weird religious cult where he thinks it's OK to, you know, marry underaged girls, but he didn't do it". He is accused of facilitating the marriage between a 16 year old girl and a 27 year old man.

"We certainly want to make sure [the new audio tapes] are released when they can be most helpful to the media buying decision makers", the Media Matters spokesperson said in an email.

When describing Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, Mr Carlson says: "I feel sorry for her in that way".

"I'm not for child rape", he said. Warren Jeffs is now a convicted sexual predator behind bars on two counts of child sexual abuse. Some wrote to Carlson's advertisers directly on Twitter, asking why they were supporting the conservative host. The women's advocacy group UltraViolet said Fox News should fire Carlson immediately for "perverted comments about young girls" he made in radio recordings about a decade ago.

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