Dead or Alive 6 Releases Free-to-Play "Core Fighters" Version

Dead or Alive 6 Releases Free-to-Play

Dead or Alive 6 Releases Free-to-Play "Core Fighters" Version

Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters is a stripped-down Dead or Alive 6 experience, ideal for players wanting to dip their toes in the water.

Those who opt to pick up Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters will be restricted to four characters from the game's large roster: Kasumi, Hitomi, Diego, and Bass. An introduction to Dead or Alive 6's story mode is included, along with DOA Central.

All of this comes alongside a new update that Dead or Alive 6. That being said, all of these characters are incredibly varied and players actually have access to quite a few modes. Which might seem a little limited, even for a free-to-play game. There's your basic arcade mode, quest mode, a well-featured training mode to practice your inputs with and full online play.

Koei Tecmo did something similar with Dead or Alive 5, although this latest F2P sampler is going live a lot sooner following after the main game's release.

Those interested can download Dead or Alive 6 Core Fighters by visiting its official Steam store page.

On top of that, the first DLC "Happy Wedding Costume Set Vol.1" has been released, costing $19.99 for 13 costumes. Honestly, you're best off just buying the full game if you like the demo, which costs £55/€70/$60 - a rough price for Europe. Any and all support helps keep DualShockers as a standalone, independent platform for less-mainstream opinions and news coverage.

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