DUP stresses extra cash for Northern Ireland not part of Brexit discussions

DUP stresses extra cash for Northern Ireland not part of Brexit discussions

DUP stresses extra cash for Northern Ireland not part of Brexit discussions

And on Thursday, members overwhelmingly voted to ask Brussels to extend the March 29 deadline.

While German conservatives would prefer Britain to stay in the European Union or else adopt Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit divorce deal, senior conservative lawmaker Detlef Seif said that failing those scenarios he would back a delay until end-2020.

Remarkably, May - after two massive, historic defeats on the defining legislation of her government - has a glimmer of hope of victory next week.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has just had one of the most tumultuous weeks in her political career.

To be sure, May's premiership is still hanging by a thread. Mrs May is expected to return to the Commons next week for another vote on her twice-defeated Brexit deal.

MPs also rejected a call to hold a second Brexit referendum - a blow to the hopes of a large number of Britons who still dream of keeping their European identity.

If the third vote is lost things become more complicated. Options include a long delay, exiting with May's deal, leaving without a deal or even another referendum.

Cabinet ministers remained locked in talks this weekend with the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist party, who are seen as vital in building a narrow majority for May's deal and who said on Saturday that there were "still issues to be addressed".

There is some controversy about the third "meaningful vote", given that, ordinarily, parliament would not be able to vote on the same thing a few times. "We have no desire to trap the United Kingdom indefinitely in the backstop", he said. But we won't really know for sure until we get a formal statement from the government about forthcoming business.

She needs 75 lawmakers to change their vote. She's planning to put it to a third vote in Parliament next week, and will frame the decision as a choice between accepting her deal or facing the prospect of being trapped in prolonged European Union membership.

It comes as UK Prime Minister Theresa May continues her efforts to win support for her Brexit deal. However this will require unanimous agreement from the 27 leaders, which is not guaranteed as the EU's chief negotiator and several leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron, have said there would need to be a good reason given. In the event of an extension, the question is how long it will be. And they oppose the present deal, while Ms.

So while the odds are still against her, May could yet lose her way to victory on her withdrawal deal next week. Instead, this is the time for Parliament to declare it wants an extension of Article 50 so that, after two-and-a-half years of vexed negotiations, our political leaders can finally decide on what Brexit means.

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