Northern lights sighting possible in Michiana on Saturday

Northern lights sighting possible in Michiana on Saturday

Northern lights sighting possible in Michiana on Saturday

In case you're wondering what the aurora is, it's basically a light show in the sky due to the Collison between charged particles from the sun and the atmospheric particles which result in gases which in turn reflect various colours.

What causes northern lights?

Scientists at the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) believe the solar activity on Wednesday may make it possible to see the aurora. The geomagnetic storm will be at a category G2, allowing for a moderate showing of the lights, according the NOAA.

Of course, this is not northern Canada or Scandinavia. Your own eyes as they have a wide field of view!

Northern lights start time
Solar storm could make Northern Lights visible in Cleveland area this weekend

Star gazers in cities as far south as NY and Chicago may get a rare glimpse of the northern lights this weekend due to an unusual geomagnetic storm.

Chicago, Detroit and parts of states just south of those cities could potentially see the aurora borealis on the horizon, CNN reported.

A magnificent display of the northern lights were seen over the skies of Lehtojarvi, on the Arctic Circle in Finland, on Thursday, Feb. 28. The northern lights may or may not be visible in Glasgow and Edinburgh. It's unlikely to cause power or communication problems on Earth, nor will many people get a chance to see shimmering auroras. In other words, if you live in the city and want to watch northern lights, you should seriously consider going to some place where there isn't a lot of light. However, experts recommend that the northern lights are seen best when it's 3-4 hours before midnight.

"Aurora borealis", the lights of the northern hemisphere, means "dawn of the north".

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