Apple to launch a surprise subscription service on March 25

Apple to launch a surprise subscription service on March 25

Apple to launch a surprise subscription service on March 25

Apple (AAPL) on Monday finally unveiled Apple News+, a paid news subscription service, which will offer users access to content from over 300 publications. Steven Spielberg spoke about the Amazing Stories reboot; Steve Carell, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Anniston were on hand to talk about The Morning Show; Kumail Nanjiani did what amounted to a short set to introduce his anthology series Little America; and even Big Bird showed up to rep a show called Helpsters, which will teach pre-schoolers how to code.

The idea is that the Apple TV app will act as a portal to all your entertainment, in a new section called Apple TV Channels - whether it's cable subscription-based or on streaming services like HBO Go or through Apple TV Plus.

Apple is so serious about the original TV package it's rolling out tomorrow, which the iPhone maker has been referring to internally as a "Netflix-killer", that the company at one point gave serious consideration to acquiring either Netflix or the Walt Disney Co. and building a studio for its own TV projects. The Apple TV app is also coming to the Mac, and for the first time to smart TVs, with Roku and Amazon Fire TV integration. In a Reuters interview published last week, The New York Times Company CEO Mark Thompson expressed concern over third-party distribution platforms like Apple's news subscriptions service, which condition some readers to find the newspaper's journalism elsewhere and "scrambled" its journalism with other journalism from other outlets.

The Apple Arcade subscription service will appear in Fall 2019.

Apple to launch a surprise subscription service on March 25
Apple prepares to unveil TV and news subscription services

To watch the live stream, Apple products users may use Safari browser to navigate to the page on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod running iOS 10 or later versions. Though many mobile games are given out for free, players can rack up hundreds of dollars for optional extras such as virtual weapons. According to the report, it isn't clear if Apple will reveal the new service on Monday, but it is taking up with partners to build up the service. Apple says no data will be sent back to Apple and recommendations will be made on-device. It uses Apple Maps to show users where they spend their money.

Apple TV+ is an extension of the Apple TV app and is where you'll gain access to all of the company's original programming. Apple says the card has no late fees, annual fees or fees for going over the credit limit.

Apple also introduced a titanium, laser-etched Apple Card backed by Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Mastercard Inc that can track spending across devices and pay daily cash back on purchases. He also said that Apple's services were "private and secure, to much applause in the audience".

If you're looking for Black Mirror-style content and stuff that's super dark, it doesn't look like Apple TV+ is for you. Other tech companies like Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo have announced grand plans to produce TV shows and movies, only to retreat within a couple of years.

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