Samsung Wants You To Trust The Galaxy Fold

Samsung Wants You To Trust The Galaxy Fold

Samsung Wants You To Trust The Galaxy Fold

Samsung says the Galaxy Fold can be folded and unfolded at least 200,000 times.

Xiaomi is the latest smartphone maker to tease its upcoming folding smartphone with a short new video that shows its double folding display in action. Samsung has released a video of their device being stress tested.

That said, there's little reason to believe that Samsung's folding test is the last word on this product's quality and longevity.

Here's a 34-second video of Samsung folding the Galaxy Fold over and over again
See the Samsung Galaxy Fold hinge in action in an official stress-test video

Samsung says that Galaxy Fold can outlast 200,000 folds and unfold, which adds up to around five years of use if the phone is used 100 times a day.

The Galaxy Fold will officially launch at the end of April for €2,000 in Europe and for $1,980 in the US. The company has released a video that shows handsets being tested, and it also gives a good opportunity to see how the hinge operates. The video also highlights the phone's bending capabilities as well as durability of Infinity Flex Display.

Separately, XDA Developers' Mishaal Rahman has sourced a slew of information from an early Galaxy Fold user, revealing some never-before-heard information about the phone. Will there be a visible crease where the screen folds, and will it get worse over time? The folding mechanism uses a mechanical hinge design which allows the device to open smoothly and naturally as if you're opening a book. This leaves you with a almost edgeless phone display that's a bit wider.

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