CM Punk Responds To John Oliver HBO Segment Criticizing WWE

CM Punk Responds To John Oliver HBO Segment Criticizing WWE

CM Punk Responds To John Oliver HBO Segment Criticizing WWE

If you have 23 minutes to spare on Monday and you're a WWE fan - or even if you just follow professional wrestling casually, or if you're just a human being who doesn't care about it - you should use them to watch this segment from John Oliver.

Oliver, a long-time wrestling fan, ripped WWE and Vince McMahon for how they have treated their wrestlers.

John Oliver's segment against WWE was too big for the company to ignore. He noted the billions of dollars Vince McMahon has made while not providing health insurance to wrestlers who have to go on the road all year.

But Oliver argued for looking into the WWE due to a disturbing trend of early deaths among its wrestlers.

Oliver has discussed wrestling before on the show, specifically critiquing Vince McMahon's organization for its close ties to Saudi Arabia.

For example, McMahons' wrestlers aren't technically his employees; they're still considered "independent contractors" despite signing exclusive contracts and providing the wellspring for McMahon's entire business.

"There have actually been multiple GoFundMe campaigns to cover medical and funeral expenses for wrestlers, which fans have stepped up for. When you've lost the moral high ground to the f-- NFL, you are morally subterranean".

Powell's POV: I don't think it's a wise idea for WWE, as I can't imagine they would be successful if they were to attempt to co-opt the HBO host, but here's hoping that Oliver will take the company up on the offer and is allowed to bring a camera crew with him.

Oliver then called on WWE fans to leverage their influence next week at WrestleMania, where the mic-ed crowd will have a live platform to, say, call for better healthcare.

The comedian ended his segment by suggesting fans at next weekend's WrestleMania make their voices heard on the issue by chanting during the show.

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