Vince McMahon’s XFL competitor, the AAF, is suspending operations

Vince McMahon’s XFL competitor, the AAF, is suspending operations

Vince McMahon’s XFL competitor, the AAF, is suspending operations

AAF majority owner Tom Dundon, an National Hockey League team owner who invested heavily in the start-up AAF earlier in the season, stands to lose as much as $70 million. The league designed teams based on their location, such as the San Diego Fleet or the Birmingham Iron.

The league has suspended football operations and its future is in serious doubt, according to our own Darren Rovell.

The AAF aspired to be a league for players with NFL hopes, but it could not reach an agreement with the NFLPA to use players at the end of NFL rosters. The AAF nearly shut down after the second week until Dundon, the owner NHL's Carolina Panthers, stepped in to pledge a $250 million investment.

Richardson is a former first-round NFL bust who was thought to be completely done with football. Teams aren't necessarily going to land a top-end contributor, but adding the players that shined in this new league would certainly be a sensible move for teams.

Steve Spurriers' Apollos had amassed a dominant 7-1 record on the season, and were the prohibitive favorites to win the first AAF title.

So the league isn't completely dead, but there won't be any games played for a while.

It is unclear how the league's suspension of football operations will impact the employees of the AAF.

"The momentum generated by our players, coaches and football staff had us well positioned for future success". "It was a second chance for me and for those players".

"And a lot of them will get opportunities". League co-founders Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian disagree with Dundon's decision, but without his investment the league can not continue. "Regrettably, we will not have that opportunity".

However, the actual investment is reported to be much larger, around $500 million over the first three years according to ESPN.

Most AAF games have been televised by TNT, NFL Network or the CBS Sports Network cable channel or streamed on B/R Live. And the league got a bump in attention after Johnny Manziel signed last month and was allocated to Memphis. Factor in the costs of operating a franchise, leasing a stadium, paying out player salaries, and so many other things and the league needed a long-term solution to survive.

"No lawsuit or anything else will get you your bread". At the time, the league insisted that the money wasn't a bailout, yet in hindsight that seems to have been untrue.

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