’Game of Thrones’ cast bid farewell to series at premiere

’Game of Thrones’ cast bid farewell to series at premiere

’Game of Thrones’ cast bid farewell to series at premiere

Actress Lena Headey, who plays the role of Cersei Lannister in popular television show Game Of Thrones did not walk the red carpet at the NY premiere along with her co-stars Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Peter Dinklage and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau among others. Her reaction? Uh. she forgot.

Joining his fiancée Sophie Turner, AKA, Sansa Stark, was pop star Joe Jonas.

"Some of the fondest memories I have are of all of us snuggled up in warm coats trying to get warm", she said. "I don't know how... because you're incredibly ill and just have a horrific headache and being violently ill". She told him: "I genuinely knew that I was being brain damaged. So, I love her to bits and she's here and she's going to do great things with it and teach the world".

"I've got to be honest, I did". Make sure to subscribe now and never miss an episode! When her mother asked her daughter to remind her of what happens, Clarke told her the opportunity for spoiling the ending had passed and now her mom would have to watch the series finale like everyone else.

She also reflected on suffering from aphasia - which impairs language and the ability to speak, read or write - after a second, more painful surgery where doctors had to cut open her skull.

In short, the Stark sisters are the Game of Thrones alliance we not only need but deserve. "I'm waiting for it to like, hit me like a freight train", she said of saying goodbye to the character she's played for a decade. Turner said. After she found out, Williams told ET she was trying to decide on what to wear to the nuptials. "I'm so happy to be here to see the end of this story and the beginning of whatever comes next".

With the premiere of the final season of "Game of Thrones" 10 days away, HBO is rolling out the red carpet for the hotly anticipated television event.

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