Billy Ray Cyrus Joins Lil Nas X for 'Old Town Road' Remix

Billy Ray Cyrus Joins Lil Nas X for 'Old Town Road' Remix

Billy Ray Cyrus Joins Lil Nas X for 'Old Town Road' Remix

To understand exactly wtf is going on you have to rewind a couple weeks.

The country music legend said "only outlaws are outlawed" and passed on advice to the 19-year-old rapper to "take this as a compliment".

It was a real Cinderella story... When the media organization removed the song from country chart consideration, it explained that "Old Town Road" simply shouldn't have been on a country chart to begin with, saying that it lacked the sonic elements of a country song.

Lil Nas X's hit song "Old Town Road" has been in the news not only because it's taking the charts by storm but also sine Billboard took it off their Country charts after determining that it didn't fit there. When determining genres, a few factors are examined, but first and foremost is musical composition.

It is not yet known if the reworked version will be eligible for inclusion in Billboard's country music chart. In response to the event, Lil Nas X said that the single should be considered a country song and a trap song.

Many people suggested that the decision not to classify the song as country was evidence of racism in the country music scene.

I didn't wake up this morning thinking I'd listen to a song featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, but here we are. Why? A hero with a mullet.

But he took his support a step further since then, linking up with Lil Nas X in the studio on Thursday, something that genuinely seemed to genuinely touch the rapper.

The song is now rocketing up the charts - whether Billboard wants it or not.

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