Suspected poacher killed by elephant and eaten by lions in South Africa

Suspected poacher killed by elephant and eaten by lions in South Africa

Suspected poacher killed by elephant and eaten by lions in South Africa

The man met his fate last week after entering the Kruger National Park with four accomplices with the aim of hunting rhinos, according to CNN, which cited parks officials.

Park officials told the Letaba Herald that the man entered the park illegally to hunt rhinos but was killed by an elephant.

The man's body was found near the Crocodile Bridge section of the park.

The rangers failed to find the body on the first day of the search.

In a statement by the park it is noted that park rangers found "a human skull and a pair of trousers", and nothing else.

Three other men have been arrested over the alleged poaching attempt at Kruger National Park, which came to light earlier this week.

But according to a 1931 translation of the Ming dynasty scientist and physician Li Shizhen and his Compendium of Materia Medica, written in 1597, rhino horn was prescribed for nearly everything except to boost a failing libido, according to a multiple reports.

"Poaching is a serious, ongoing problem in the park", Phaahla said of Kruger, which covers 7,500 square miles in southeastern South Africa, making it about the size of the US state of New Jersey.

The suspected poacher has not been identified. But following the arrest of four alleged accomplices on April 3, the rangers resumed their efforts with additional information provided to them by the suspected poachers.

Glenn Phillips, the managing executive of Kruger National Park, noted the lack of remains to return to the family.

The lions reportedly left "very little remains".

The horns are ground up and used as a medicine (and as an aphrodisiac) in Southeast Asia.

Rhino poaching has been a rampant problem for African wildlife preserves, with the animal's horns highly prized in Asia where it is believed to have medicinal effects, particularly in China.

An elephant in South Africa.

In just one decade, more than 8,300 African rhinos have been killed by poachers.

Police also searched for the deceased poacher's accomplices.

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