US Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen 'leaving her position', says President Trump

US Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen 'leaving her position', says President Trump

US Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen 'leaving her position', says President Trump

There is also speculation that John Mitnick, Homeland Security Department's general counsel, may also be axed. During her time as Homeland Security secretary, she oversaw widely condemned policies including the forcible separation of families and the caging of children at the southern border.

The abrupt resignation of President Donald Trump's third homeland security chief in two years gave no pleasure even to those who viewed her as an enabler - someone who never seemed eager enough for Trump to pursue harsh anti-immigrant policies, but did so anyway.

This makes sense, as even with the Trump administration's ever-revolving door, Miller is one of the few officials not related to Trump, who are racist and sycophantic enough to have stuck around since the very beginning. Why has the chief of Homeland Security QUIT? A career law enforcement official, McAleenan has served on and off in the division since its inception after the September 11, 2001 attacks. The Associated Press (AP) reports that her resignation was not expected.

But the staff shake-up won't get around the immigration laws and court challenges that are thwarting Trump at every turn, including his suggestions to reinstate family separations and his threats to shut the border entirely. The president has not been able to get Congress to act on his signature campaign issues of building a border wall and making immigration laws more restrictive.

She says Trump considered her as a possible replacement for FBI Director James Comey after he was sacked in 2017.

Her departure has been rumoured repeatedly. She returned to Washington immediately after the visit, while Trump continued on to California and Nevada.

Nielsen resigned in part because she hadn't been informed about the Vitiello decision.

She went into a Sunday White House meeting with Trump that she'd requested not sure if she'd be fired, resign or stay to fight another day. Now, there are signs that he is again considering taking dramatic steps to force the immigration issue. But this is the administration* she had chosen, and nothing more becomes her public service than her leaving of it.

Nielsen led Homeland Security since December 2017.

But experts and data from his own Administration have shown that illegal border crossings are nowhere near record levels, and Trump appeared to undercut his action when he said "I didn't need to do this" while announcing the move.

The Trump administration is now asking for two years to identify and reunite all the children who have been separated from their parents because of his administration's immigration policy.

Representative Joaquin Castro of Texas, chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, called McAleenan's appointment "deeply disturbing".

The Post said sources claim Cissna could be the next to go.

The number of migrants arrested at the border has risen in recent months. Border agents are estimated to have made 100,000 arrests and denials of entry at the border in March.

"I don't think anything is like what we've seen today under the current administration", said Jay Ahern, whose more than three decades in federal service included CBP's head of the Office of Field Operations during the George W. Bush administration and acting CBP commissioner during the Obama administration.

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