AG Barr Pledges to Investigate FBI, DOJ Actions in Trump Probe

AG Barr Pledges to Investigate FBI, DOJ Actions in Trump Probe

AG Barr Pledges to Investigate FBI, DOJ Actions in Trump Probe

While the USA public has clamored for a full disclosure of the report with as few redactions as possible, Barr said the redactions to the report-currently underway-will be based upon legal requirements concerning material produced by the grand jury, classified intelligence material, information connected to open or ongoing investigations, and material that would impact the privacy or reputations of individuals peripheral to the probe. He said he's open to eventually releasing some of the redacted material after consulting with congressional leaders, but he drew a line at releasing grand jury material, which would require court approval.

The announcement comes after Barr on Tuesday told members of Congress he was reviewing the Department of Justice's "conduct" during the summer of 2016.

"I presume we're going to get the redacted report within a week", Nadler said Tuesday.

This issue is likely to get more attention Wednesday when Barr appears for his second day of testimony before Congress this week, this time before a Republican-led panel in the Senate. Barr is up against Democratic Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler and Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

Barr said he wanted to look at all of the investigations that have already probed the matter, including Congress and the Justice Department inspector general, and see if any areas need additional investigation. "This report is too important to all of us". Committee Democrats, however, used Barr's appearance to grill the attorney general on his four-page summary of special counsel Robert Mueller's report.

Democrats have criticised that bare-bones description, and some on Mueller's team have told associates that they are frustrated with the limited information made available about their work.

"I can envision a situation where under appropriate safeguards, that information can be shared", Barr said.

Barr said in the summary released last month that Mueller didn't find a criminal conspiracy between the campaign and the Kremlin.

CHANG: Yeah. OK. So beyond the Mueller report, Barr mentioned another investigation today related to the Russian Federation probe. Questions are sure to remain, however, about the extent to which Barr has blacked out material from the report. They are grand jury materials, information that USA spy agencies believe could reveal their sources or methods, information that could interfere with ongoing law enforcement investigations and information that touches on privacy or reputational interests of so-called peripheral individuals who weren't charged in the Russian Federation investigation. Mr Barr released a four-page letter summarising the report two days later and said he would release a redacted version of the full report by mid-April, "if not sooner". "And then I will engage with the chairman of both judiciary committees about that report and any further requests that they have". He added, "My intention is not to ask for it at this stage".

"We had an inkling of what was coming in our direction", he said.

Democrats have criticized Barr for not releasing Mueller's report in full since it was finished on Friday, March 22.

"I've said what I'm going to say about the report today", he said.

"No Collusion, No Obstruction, Complete and Total EXONERATION", Trump posted on Twitter.

"It's hard to have that discussion without the contents of the report, isn't it?"

Barr served previously as attorney general in the early 1990s, in the George H.W. Bush administration. Barr's statement mentions $16 million for a vetting program for those who wish to enter or remain in the United States, something he says will help the government "identify terrorists, criminals and other nefarious actors".

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