Powerful storm will bring rain, blizzard conditions later this week

Powerful storm will bring rain, blizzard conditions later this week

Powerful storm will bring rain, blizzard conditions later this week

A major blizzard is expected to dump heavy snow on parts of the Midwest in the coming days, possibly setting new records for the month of April. The low is predicted at 25 degrees.

About 1.5 inches of snow and rain is expected to fall from western South Dakota, through southern Minnesota and across southern Wisconsin, northern Nebraska and Iowa.

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a spring storm watch that quickly turned to a blizzard warning for an area that includes Pipestone County from 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 10 through Friday morning at 7 a.m.

"The highest snow totals are probably going to be around 3 feet for central and northeast South Dakota, with 50 to 60 miles per hour wind - an all-out blizzard", Moehler says.

Any wet snow to start Thursday (which should only be across the northern half of the area) will continue moving north, and our Thursday afternoon will be dry...great news for the drive home from work, and to the bowling alley if Thursday is your bowling night.

The storm will move into the Northern Plains on Thursday.

The storm arrives as rain Tuesday evening in western Nebraska and shifts to snow from Wednesday into Thursday.

Although summer and winter weather experienced in such a short time span might seem extremely unusual to many of us, for Colorado residents, it's just a normal part of living in the Centennial State. As is usually the case with these springs storms, this system will be dynamic, and with that expect to see some thunderstorms at least on the onset of tomorrow's weather across eastern Colorado.

- Oh, you enjoyed that 70 degree day we had?

The storm watch has been expanded farther to the northeast. Leatham compiled data for April 10-12 for Brainerd's past snow events.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, the storm could morph into a "bomb cyclone", which means the storm will see a rapid drop in atmospheric pressure.

Meantime, parts of South Dakota could get 30 inches of snow. Once the temperature warms up, the Midwest may be in for heavy flooding.

"There is still considerable uncertainty where this transition zone will set up", the Weather Service states.

It's not unusual for these parts of the U.S.to experience swings from warm temperatures to snow in the springtime. Reminder that https://t.co/aazl5nwASK is still being updated!

Today is the calm before the storm.

The Weather Service cautioned people in Duluth to stay off breakwalls and away from shorelines or risk being swept away or hit by lofted chunks of ice.

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