The Mandalorian revealed at Star Wars Celebration, sizzle reel leaks online

The Mandalorian revealed at Star Wars Celebration, sizzle reel leaks online

The Mandalorian revealed at Star Wars Celebration, sizzle reel leaks online

Star Wars Celebration wrapped up today, but not before giving us some more information regarding the upcoming live-action Star Wars television show, The Mandalorian.

If you're a Star Wars fan, then surely you have at least heard of The 501st Legion.

The Mandalorian will be available exclusively on Disney+ beginning on November 12, 2019.

Before they got to the reveal of Carano and Weathers' characters, they provided some more details on Pascal's titular character The Mandalorian.

Former mixed martial artist Gina Carano co-stars as Cara Dune, an ex-Rebel shock trooper. As you can see, it's a starkly-designed piece featuring Pedro Pascal's mysterious Mandalorian warrior, standing in front of an alien landscape. The 2014 series Star Wars: Rebels takes place at a different point in time than The Clone Wars, though some characters from the series have crossed over. Pascal didn't name his Mandalorian, and played very coy about the subject, but I still believe him to be Cobb Vanth, the self-made lawman introduced in Chuck Wendig's Aftermath books. "He hires this guy, sends him out there, and Mando does what needs to be done". If you ever need a voice, let me know'.

It will revolve around at the beginning of "Rogue One", where Cassian Andor had to make the hard decision of dispatching with one of his sources before they're found out by Stormtroopers. In an extended scene screened exclusively for Celebration attendees, the Mandalorian is seen meeting with Greef at a local cantina. He asks for a bigger job but Greef says that this one is more unsafe. Amongst the other "elements" he wanted to contribute to this new series was "everything from the original trilogy, the prequels, the sequels, 'Clone Wars, ' even bringing in things from Legends" (the decommissioned official "extended universe" that Disney jettisoned after purchasing Lucasfilm).

We were treated to the first footage from The Mandalorian and saw Pescal's character seemingly tracking someone down.

The next footage shown - a five minute clip followed by a montage teaser - showed the Mandalorian take a job from his guild leader Carga.

As new planets, new aliens, and new ships (including the Mandalorian's, the Razorcrest) will all debut during the show, it was paramount to include the familiar - which is one of the reasons why the Mandalorian himself is front and center with his iconic armor. And I said, 'Would you like to be a Mandalorian?' "We love pulling all the different stories together".

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