Measles cases approaching 20-year high — CDC

Measles cases approaching 20-year high — CDC

Measles cases approaching 20-year high — CDC

After a child brought the virus back from Ukraine in December it spread to 74 other people, mostly children, through schools, supermarkets and a bowling alley.

Henrietta Fore, executive director at Unicef, said: "The measles virus will always find unvaccinated children".

The recent outbreaks began when non-vaccinated travelers visited foreign countries and returned with the ailment, risking infection in their communities.

Two doses are necessary for the highest level of protection.

"Measles is a frightful disease and because it's highly contagious, we need everyone to be vaccinating".

Fear or skepticism about vaccines.

France and the United Kingdom followed the child vaccine gaps, with 608,000 and 527,000 unvaccinated respectively within the eight-year period.

Canada ranked seventh. UNICEF said that 287,000 kids in Canada did not receive the first dose during these years. For high income countries, follow the World Bank country classification by income in July 2018.

The 12 people issued summons for defying the order must attend a hearing and face a fine of up to $1,000 if found to be noncompliant.

"However, once measles is in an under-vaccinated community, it becomes hard to control the spread of the disease", said the CDC.

In low-income countries, poverty, supply shortages limit access to vaccines, UNICEF said.

Responding to the new figures, U.S. Health Secretary Alex Azar urged greater vaccination, saying in a statement that the vaccine's "safety has been firmly established over many years".

Azar said the CDC is prepared to support local public health departments in monitoring and responding to outbreaks.

"Global coverage for the second dose is much lower, at 67 per cent; the World Health Organisation recommends a threshold of 95 per cent immunisation coverage to achieve so-called "herd immunity".

Measles in the USA has climbed to its highest level in 25 years, closing in on 700 cases this year in a resurgence largely attributed to misinformation that is turning parents against vaccines. The agency also placed some of the blame on the "anti-vax" trend, calling "vaccine hesitancy" one of 10 threats to global health this year. Cameroon, Liberia and Nigeria are on track to do so in 2019.

In this bracket, Nigeria had the highest number of unvaccinated children younger than one year, with almost 4 million, followed by India (2.9 million), Pakistan and Indonesia (1.2 million each), and Ethiopia (1.1 million). Canada's federal government said that two-dose coverage is nearly 100 per cent effective. "A second vaccine dose is given before the start of kindergarten, between ages 4 and 6 years".

The operator of the Fort Payne Chick-fil-A told WAAY 31, "The Alabama Department of Public Health informed us today that a guest who reportedly visited our Chick-fil-A restaurant on Thursday, April 11 around 5:54 p.m. has been diagnosed with measles".

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