Venezuelan Prez extends condolences to families of helicopter crash victims

Venezuelan Prez extends condolences to families of helicopter crash victims

Venezuelan Prez extends condolences to families of helicopter crash victims

Guaido, however, admitted last week that not enough of the security forces have defected to his side to help in efforts to oust Maduro. The armed forces in a statement said the chopper was heading to San Carlos in Cojedes state. Despite President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreeing that they "feel the same way" on Venezuela following a phone call on Friday, talk of military action has not abated.

As Mike Pompeo prepares to meet Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to discuss the crisis in Venezuela, the U.S. secretary of state said bluntly that President Donald Trump has a "full range" of powers to intervene at will.

Amid political unrest in Venezuela, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Sunday that President Nicolas Maduro is "ruling for the moment", but can not be part of the country's future, adding that the Venezuelan people "will demand" that he leave office.

Venezuelans on Wednesday heeded a call from Guaido to take to the streets in a bid to force Maduro from power, but there was little concrete sign of change in a crisis.

"The goal is to carry our message without falling into confrontation or provocation".

Acting Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said on Friday that his country will not allow Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez to use the Spanish Embassy in Venezuela for political purposes. "I remember thinking "I have a daddy again".

Small groups of protesters marched on four military bases in Caracas.

"Operation freedom", as Guaido called it, appeared to fizzle out.

National Assembly head Guaido, 35, has branded Maduro a usurper over his controversial re-election past year, and in January declared himself acting president, plunging Venezuela into a political crisis that deepened its already grave economic woes.

The standoff has drawn in major world powers, with the U.S. throwing its support behind Guaido and Russian Federation and China backing Maduro.

Pence said Venezuela's struggles were a direct result of Maduro's socialist dictatorship, and he re-affirmed that the Trump Administration won't sit back and watch the Venezuelan people remain under oppression.

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