Maserati Set To Lose Its Ferrari Power?

Maserati Set To Lose Its Ferrari Power?

Maserati Set To Lose Its Ferrari Power?

During the recent Ferrari Q1 earnings call the most significant revelation from the event was that Ferrari plans to stop supplying Maserati with engines.

Maserati has used Ferrari engines (arguably, one of the most compelling reasons to buy a Maserati) in its vehicles since 2002, a little while after Fiat passed Maserati off to the prancing horse.

Camilleri said revenues from Ferrari's engine business were down this quarter as a result of fewer sales to Maserati. The Ferrari engine is a major selling point for the Maserati brand.

Maserati will soon have to find a new engine supplier after its contract with Ferrari comes to an end. Both of Maserati's current V-8s were designed by Ferrari, while its V-6 is an in-house design based loosely on the Chrysler Pentastar engine. Camilleri says that the change will allow Ferrari to move a lot of the labor that has been involved with engines to the vehicle side of the business. Ferrari had previously been a part of FCA, though it was spun off at the start of 2016.

"Well, we supply various engines, so it's very hard to answer that question as to when it's actually going to zero, but certainly I would say by 2021 [or] 2022", said Camilleri. Since Ferrari and Maserati were under the ownership of FCA, Ferrari has been selling engines to Maserati. Maserati has made no announcements of what it will do after that date.

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