Another 'instant death' location found due to Fortnite Season 9

Another 'instant death' location found due to Fortnite Season 9

Another 'instant death' location found due to Fortnite Season 9

Fortnite season 9 is out now and features more than 100 new exclusive Battle Royale rewards to unlock in the Battle Pass.

After a season out in the cold, the Volcano is finally a named location: Pressure Plant.

Completing each of these tasks reveals a single tile of a special Loading Screen that will be fully unveiled by the end of Season 9.

Fortnite season 10 release date may have been revealed by Epic Games.

As of update 9.0 there are 18 Fortbytes available with at least one more being unlocked each day for the duration of the season. Tilted Towers have become Neo Tilted ones and they are more exciting. Called Slipstreams, these circular contraptions will have you whizzing around the map using wind power.

Will you be dropping into Season 9 today?

Tilted Row and Retail row which were both destroyed in the event have now been replaced with futuristic locales called Neo Tilted and Mega Mall! Also lending credence to the leaked photo is the fact that three skins that were featured in the official teaser images for Fortnite Season 9 are shown in the Pass leak.

Slipstreams are Season 9's biggest gameplay related change. With every eruption of the Volcanos, new locations have appeared which the players have to explore to hunt down the opponents and to make the most of the game. Before long, they're freed, and emerge to see a new futuristic world with glistening skyscrapers, neon colors, and strobe lighting. We don't know why Peely has started to sell himself out as food, but we'll look past that for now.

To help you navigate across this map, Epic didn't add any new vehicles, but rather a completely new transportation method. Nothing in the Fortnite map ever truly stays the same, and we may see the location restored to its former glory in a future season.

The compensation for that issue is the Arcana Glider, which is purple rarity and has a cost of 1,200 V-Bucks. Yes, really you've got to go proper south-west, nearly off the grid entirely. The update brings a ton of changes to the game, including Retail Row and Tilted Towers, which now look much different.

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