Lewis Hamilton's team flies F1 auto out to ill 'spirit angel' boy

Lewis Hamilton's team flies F1 auto out to ill 'spirit angel' boy

Lewis Hamilton's team flies F1 auto out to ill 'spirit angel' boy

"It's not as much fun, for sure, as when you are competing against another team".

Mercedes locked out the front row of the grid and then took a stranglehold on the race in such fashion that some observers talked of them being "the invincibles" with 16 races remaining including the classic Monaco Grand Prix later this month.

Keen to give Harry a special surprise, Mercedes staff flew back from Barcelona on Sunday night to show him the vehicle before heading back to Spain for testing this week. That is what F1 is about.

"When you arrive and you are competing against other teams who are bringing their A-game and you have another two drivers and that puts a spanner in the mix".

"When that is not there it is definitely a lot less exciting from a competition point of view, racing within a team.it is not how F1 should be, but it is what it is right now and it has been like that in the past, but it is not our fault these guys (Mercedes) are good at their jobs".

Vettel was quick out of his marks, too, but the German was too gung-ho in his attempt to sweep past both Mercedes cars and he ran off the track, compromising his race by damaging his rubber. The team has dominated the first five grands prix of the season.

"Everyone is still pushing incredibly hard, which is still so great to see".

Harry's father, James Shaw, said: "I don't know Lewis, but I think what we've seen is what a genuine, decent, lovely person he is". In the engineers' room, nobody is overconfident. "It is the most iconic marque in Formula 1, even within the team we have discussed it". They don't mind constructive criticism. I'm enjoying continuous growing with this team and, I mean, it's incredible what we're achieving together, what we have achieved in these six years, seven years or whatever it is, and I plan on working with this team to help it become the most successful team of all time.

"We have had five fantastic performances, but we're not taking it for granted.

We've not performed well in Monaco these last years".

"Then joining this team, again, and every year from then we've had to re-sign".

"As a fan and as a spectator, I can relate to the sport needing to have a certain variability".

"I will be sending him a message shortly after this, and we are going to try and do something special for him". But, where we are now, it can not be our objective.

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