Epic Mega Sale Now on in the Epic Games Store

Epic Mega Sale Now on in the Epic Games Store

Epic Mega Sale Now on in the Epic Games Store

On Monday Daniel Ahmad, who covers the digital games market in Asia and frequently tweets news about major gaming companies from their investor conference calls, reported on the access to the Epic Games Store from China. During the sale, all games priced $14.99 and above are an additional $10 off, courtesy of Epic.

While it is not now Summer here in Australia, most online sales will still call it a Summer sale on the Australian store pages. The way Epic frames the sale is a little misleading. It runs through mid-June and even includes a free game to download each week.

If you live in one of over 200 countries and territories with regional pricing, you will receive the local-currency equivalent of $10 off during checkout for eligible purchases (the local-currency equivalent of the $14.99 minimum game price). One of them also happens to still be in its pre-order phase, but its publisher has said that it will be back on the Epic Games Store soon, with no indication as to when that will be.

The Epic Mega Sale, launched today, is discounting games up to 75 per cent.

The so-called Epic Mega Sale has just begun on Epic's online games store, and whatever your views on this sometimes controversial retail outlet, it can't be denied that this is indeed a pretty epic event in terms of the discounts available.

For example, Metro Exodus, a game I really enjoyed, is on sale for $38.74, $10 off.

The Epic Games Store has been a point of controversy thanks to its exclusive games strategy but some people might be won over by the store's first big sale.

While I generally do not endorse pre-ordering games - why pay now and wait when you can pay later and buy the game, knowing what reviewers have to say about it? So it won't cover things like DLC, season passes and in-game purchases including V-bucks in Fortnite. This will be automatically calculated and displayed for you.

"We are in discussion with Epic regarding the temporary removal of Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 from the Epic Game Store". (Or just click that link).

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