Sony and Microsoft Strike Vague Game Streaming Partnership

Sony and Microsoft Strike Vague Game Streaming Partnership

Sony and Microsoft Strike Vague Game Streaming Partnership

Both companies are making an effort to break into, or bolster their efforts in the fearless new world of game streaming.

"For Sony to scale its offering in a similar way promised by Microsoft with Project X Cloud and Google with Stadia, it needs to partner to compete". It's only hinted at, but it's an interesting business venture.

The partnership isn't all one-sided though. What exactly do they have to gain?

Nevertheless, it seems that the days of console wars are disappearing in some aspects, however, the battle of exclusive games will always perpetuate the conflict.

For gamers eager to discover information about the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Two gaming consoles, then one event at E3 2019 looks like an absolute must: AMD's recently revealed "Next Horizon Gaming" event.

This could mean two things: one, removing the disc drives from consoles almost turns them into streaming-boxes.

Amazon's cloud service AWS has cast a looming shadow despite Microsoft's Azure gains year over year, Amazon continues to sign and resign lengthy contracts with top-tier retailers and internet businesses. The statement released today says that they'll "explore joint development of future cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure" as those solutions apply to their respective streaming services. Both companies will explore new cloud-solutions in Microsoft Azure.

Streaming games from the cloud brings the potential to access massive amounts of computing power in data centres. "In terms of AI, the parties will explore incorporation of Microsoft's advanced AI platform and tools in Sony consumer products, to provide highly intuitive and user-friendly AI experiences".

Based on Microsoft's long-standing history with software, hardware, and being a gaming platform for nearly 40 years now, there's no doubt that they know what they're doing here. What effect will this have on Google Stadia?

I need some time to digest this.

Fragments from Asobo Studio is a HoloLens AR game.

The deal also extends to some areas of hardware development, including Sony-made sensors and semiconductors being put to use for Microsoft's cloud AI developments.

The Tokyo company Thursday announced plans to spend as much as 200 billion yen, or $1.8 billion dollars, buying back 4.8% of the company's stock through March 2020. Expect to see intelligent image sensors using Azure AI, and the like.

Maybe Microsoft and Sony will make their own VR theme park in the future, powered by small form-factor PCs that guests strap on like backpacks to easily move around the game area. Do you think it is important for Microsoft and Sony to work together? That's a grandiose theory, yes, but hey, go big or go home?

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