Trump says Iran, too, may be confused about war signals

Trump says Iran, too, may be confused about war signals

Trump says Iran, too, may be confused about war signals

They referred to the selective use of intelligence "to justify the march to war" in Iraq in 2003.

Now is the time for elected officials to sound the alarm about this looming disaster as loudly as possible.

"No, there is no possibility for negotiations", Mohammad Javad Zarif said when asked in an interview with reporters Thursday in Tokyo whether he would be open to holding bilateral talks aimed at easing tensions, including discussions of a proposed prisoner swap. "But I'm also gravely concerned about actions taken by the administration that appear calculated to put us on a collision course". It will be an unmitigated disaster.

Mixed with his threatening language, Trump has recently made comments urging Iranian leaders to sit down for talks, and tweeted on May 16 he was "sure that Iran will want to talk soon". The Trump administration has since laid out strict sanctions created to sabotage the oil-rich Shiite Muslim revolutionary power's economy.

Over the years, other factors have contributed to the demonization, including domestic American political pressures connected to certain regional rivals of Iran that want to keep it weak and isolated.

In parallel to Mr Trump's efforts, his Secretary of State - who started the secret channel with North Korea in 2017 - held a phone conversation with the Sultan of Oman on Thursday.

On Thursday, the Times wrote that Trump was annoyed with the insinuation that national security adviser John Bolton was heading his foreign policy agenda, according to three White House officials. In January, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said in a congressional hearing, "we do not believe Iran is now undertaking the key nuclear weapons-development activities we judge necessary to produce a nuclear device".

Moreover, given decades of the Iranian theocracy condemning the United States as the Great Satan, and years of Maduro starving the people of Venezuela, it seems unlikely the average voter is going to side with the defenders of Iran and Maduro over Trump.

Rubio, speaking on the Senate floor, said Iranian forces "and their proxies in the region pose a serious and potentially imminent threat to US forces and USA civilians in Iraq and in the broader Middle East".

Donald Trump said he hoped the USA was not heading to war with Iran, as the Middle East state reportedly warned militias in Iraq to ready themselves for conflict.

Amid rising tensions in the Gulf, Iran on Thursday rejected negotiations with the U.S. and said it was showing "maximum restraint" after Washington sent extra military forces to the region against what it claimed was an imminent threat from Tehran.

The other photographs, which remain classified, show the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps loading missiles on to the boats in several different Iranian ports, the two officials said.

The main concern, given the buildup and the statements coming out of Tehran and Washington as the standoff continues, was that the US could stumble into war by accident through miscalculation or the rogue action of a proxy group, said Lawrence Korb, a former Pentagon official who is now an analyst with the Center for American Progress. Which may be the whole point.

Watch this short but insightful clip of WaPo's fopo expert, David Ignatius, assessing relations between Trump and Iran at the moment.

A skeptic also might wonder whether the collapse of the Russian collusion story is causing Trump's opponents to look for a new way to frighten voters on foreign policy, particularly if the economy remains strong. It's also alarming that American officials, per the "New York Times" report, are now basically confirming this analysis.

The intelligence has sparked heated debate among the White House, Pentagon, the CIA and United States allies over the level of threat from Iran, according to the Times. Schiff told me that the Intelligence Committee is in the course of examining what, exactly, the intelligence does indicate about Iran.

"We're going through the intelligence now", Schiff said.

European nations have also called on all partners to the deal to help salvage it while expressing frustration at Iran's demands for help in circumventing United States sanctions. "And if we did that, we'd send a hell of a lot more troops than that".

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