Texas Girl, 8, Found Safe After 'Heroes' Lead Police to Alleged Kidnapper

Texas Girl, 8, Found Safe After 'Heroes' Lead Police to Alleged Kidnapper

Texas Girl, 8, Found Safe After 'Heroes' Lead Police to Alleged Kidnapper

Police have charged Michael Webb, 51, with aggravated kidnapping, which is a first-degree felony and have said that he is not related to Salem or her mother.

The mother jumped into the auto and "fought ferociously" but she was pushed out and the man drove away, police said.

Salem had been walking with her mother when a auto approached the two. And the smiles on the faces of adults of the Fort Worth neighborhood where, 24 hours earlier, panic reigned.

An 8-year-old Texas girl has been returned home safely after she was abducted right in front of her mother.

Sabatka was found in good condition, but was taken to a local hospital to be checked out.

Salem Sabatka, 8, was kidnapped by a man in a gray sedan while walking with her mother in Fort Worth, according to police.

Sabatka and her mother were walking in their neighborhood at about 6:38 p.m. local time when an unknown man drove up and dragged the girl into his auto, according to Fort Worth police.

Her mother is spotted falling to the ground as the auto speed off with her child still inside.

Fort Worth police issued an amber alert after being contacted by the distressed parent.

Fort Worth Police said on Twitter just before 2.30am that Salem was found safe at a hotel in Forest Hill.

"We have called in some additional resources", Calzada said at a press conference Saturday evening. A doorbell video also showed the kidnapping.

After authorities put out an Amber Alert with a description of the suspect's vehicle - a gray four-door sedan - two members of a local church called authorities when they spotted the auto at a hotel in Forest Hill.

They had spotted the vehicle based on photos that were shared on social media, according to reports.

"The police department is extremely proud of them, and I'm sure we're going to bring them into the light here pretty soon", Calzada said.

The churchgoers saw the posts, found the vehicle and called it in to police.

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