Turkey sends weapons to Syrian rebels facing Russian-backed assault - Syrian sources

Turkey sends weapons to Syrian rebels facing Russian-backed assault - Syrian sources

Turkey sends weapons to Syrian rebels facing Russian-backed assault - Syrian sources

The five-strong group rushed through clouds of dust towards their auto, and say they were tracked by a military drone.

Crawford added that one of the crew members was wearing a flak jacket that said "Press" on the front and back.

Rebel activist Bilal Abdul Kareem was hit in the chest by shrapnel, she said.

"In this connection, we would like to ask the Western representatives who are concerned so much about the humanitarian aspects of the situation in Idlib - why, for instance, don't you demand special UNSC meetings on the situation in Syria's northeast?"

"We were spotted by a military drone and then repeatedly shot at with what we believe were 125mm shells probably fired from a T-72 Russian battle tank".

"Unfortunately, we continue to see signs that the Assad regime may be renewing its use of chemical weapons, including an alleged chlorine attack in northwest Syria on the morning of 19 May", State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus said on 21 May.

"They were all clear violations of the normal standards of operation in a battle zone", she said, posting a dramatic video of the attack on her Twitter account.

Writing for Sky News, Crawford said: "Al Habit is slap bang in the middle of the so-called buffer zone meant to be a battle-free area".

"We regret to say that these insinuations on the alleged use of chemical weapons by Damascus against their own people have become an integral part of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation policy in Syria and in the Middle East", the spokeswoman told a news briefing.

"We know very well what this means - in violation of the UN Charter and generally recognised norms of worldwide law, they have twice launched missile strikes at Syrian territory in the interests of the armed Syrian opposition as well as the global extremist and terrorist groups operating in this sovereign state", she told reporters.

In the footage, a massive explosion is heard, before Sky producer Martin Vowles shouts "go, go, go" as the group flee.

Crawford said the group managed to flee to the town of Khan Shaykhun, which soon came under attack as well.

One of the activists was hit by shrapnel during the shelling.

"Meanwhile... the bombing attacks, which have been indiscriminate and very vicious, has sent some 150,000-200,000 people in Idlib - most of whom are already internally displaced people - [on the] move again".

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