Guests Of Dominican Republic Hotel Where Black Couple Died Warn Travelers

Guests Of Dominican Republic Hotel Where Black Couple Died Warn Travelers

Guests Of Dominican Republic Hotel Where Black Couple Died Warn Travelers

Miranda Schaup-Werner, 41, and her husband, Dan Werner, checked in to the Luxury Bahia Principe Bouganville on May 25 to celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary, but by the end of the day, Schaup-Werner was dead, and officials determined the cause of death was a heart attack. "We just want to understand this". The official added that the State Department has not yet established a connection between the deaths.

Lawrence-Daley, her husband and another couple arrived at the all-inclusive Majestic resort on a Monday evening and spent the next day at the beach.

However, Tourism Minister Francisco Garcia released a statement assuring that the island nation is safe and that the deaths were "isolated incidents".

'Why didn't the deaths of the Maryland couple trigger an investigation, following so closely on Mrs Shaup-Werner's death?

Dawn McCoy, who lost her husband there almost a year ago at a different resort in the Dominican Republic, spoke to FOX 5 Wednesday evening and said she wished she'd requested a second autopsy when his remains were returned to the US. Have there been other deaths?,' he said.

'He was looking for a way to characterize what happened.

When she collapsed, her husband performed CPR but was unable to revive her.

The bodies of Day and Holmes were found inside their room at the Grand Bahia Principe La Romana after relatives grew concerned because they had not checked out of the resort.

They have attributed the couple's death to high blood pressure and say that there was an abundance of medication in their room when their bodies were found.

"According to her testimony, she was intercepted by a stranger shortly after 11 o'clock at night, but Mr. Daley reported her disappearance at 2:30 in the morning, and in a few minutes, a search operation began all throughout the property", the statement read.

However, Dominican police say there are "weak spots and unanswered questions" in the case, the resort said in a statement.

Travel to places like the Dominican Republic comes with risks, she said, and she encouraged people making trips there to be aware of their surroundings and not to explore on their own.

After news of the deaths emerged, Kaylynn Knull, 29, and Tom Schwander, 33, from Colorado spoke out about their experience with the same hotel.

This week, a Colorado couple announced that they filed a lawsuit in the Dominican Republic against the Bahia Principe resort group, alleging that they fell ill because of pesticides while staying at one of the chain's properties previous year.

The pair visited last summer but took ill in the middle of the night.

"We were having a great time. and we ended up coming home as a broken family", McCoy told Inside Edition. "We booked a flight home before the sun came up".

'We both woke up soaked in sweat at like four in the morning, and kind of terrified, ' Knull said in an interview with Good Morning America on Thursday.

Following her brutal beating in January, Tammy Lawrence-Daley, 51, shared her vacation nightmare story to Facebook where she posted photos of her bruises.

"Litigation went nowhere. Stories are being squashed", she wrote in her Facebook post.

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