Britain's Prime Minister Hopeful Admits Taking Cocaine

Britain's Prime Minister Hopeful Admits Taking Cocaine

Britain's Prime Minister Hopeful Admits Taking Cocaine

The most recent admission came Saturday, when British media reported that Michael Gove admitted to taking drugs on several occasions when he was a "young journalist" two decades ago.

Rival Dominic Raab, who previously admitted smoking cannabis as a student, told the BBC he admired Gove's honesty.

The environment secretary said he believed the "mistake" should not be held against him in his bid to become prime minister.

She admitted to smoking the drug while at Warwick University in the 1990s but insisted she had never taken a class A drug like cocaine.

Gove told the Daily Mail: "I took drugs on several occasions at social events more than 20 years ago".

The politician's confession comes at the end of a week full of revelations surrounding the drug usage of the Tory party leadership race contenders.

The 51-year-old Tory MP said he was "a young journalist" when he made a decision to take cocaine, and that he had not envisaged going into politics at the time. "I look back and think, I wish I hadn't done that".

Boris Johnson, the front-runner for the job, admitted in an interview 11 years ago that he had snorted cocaine as a 19-year-old and had smoked "dope" before that.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt also said he might have tried cannabis once as a young man.

Mr Gove, MP for Surrey Heath, said it would be up to his colleagues whether he should be leader, but added that he did not "act with an eye" on going into politics when he was younger.

"Weed should never have been illegal in the first place: The only reason it was illegal, is because we as a Western society have a tinted vision, a very distorted and biased view about which drugs we culturally accept of which drugs we culturally despise". The question now is that people should look at my record as a politician and ask themselves, 'Is this person we see ready to lead now?'

He said: "I certainly don't see it barring him from this race in any way..."

Britain's Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Michael Gove, who is running to succeed Theresa May as Prime Minister, leaves his home in London, Britain, May 28, 2019.

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