Xbox announces first details on the next-generation of Xbox - Project Scarlett

Xbox announces first details on the next-generation of Xbox - Project Scarlett

Xbox announces first details on the next-generation of Xbox - Project Scarlett

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However, Microsoft did not show what the device would look like or reveal a price.

Project Scarlett will go head-to-head with the Sony PS4 Pro successor, which is planned for next year. It could be Xbox Two, or Xbox Zero, or Xbox Infinity, or anything else.

At the reveal, Microsoft suggested that Project Scarlett will be capable of 120FPS and 8K resolution.

Microsoft also shared a glimpse of the future with Project Scarlett, which launches alongside Halo Infinite in 2020.

It's not yet known what the follow-up to the Xbox One will be called, but among the launch titles is Halo Infinite. It's pretty bleak out there, showing Master Chief an era where humanity lost the war.

The next-generation Xbox console, which has no marketing name yet, uses AMD's Zen 2 architecture and Navi graphics. It will also have more storage. Comprised of three high-value memberships spanning Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs, it presents sizeable savings over purchasing each separately.

At its E3 keynote on Sunday, Microsoft officially launched Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to everyone, nearly two months after it was unveiled as a beta. According to Microsoft, "hundreds" of people are working on the new Xbox right now, and it'll support the games and accessories you may already own. Throw in a $19.98 subscription for both Game Pass and Game Pass PC and that's $299.75 a year, which is a lot more than the $179.88 you'll pay with Ultimate. The new version of the game is being built with native 4K HDR support and utilizes both Global Positioning System and Microsoft's Azure AI power to inject it with an unprecedented level of realism. He seemed very excited. Stuff which, as you say, will be coming online as we get further into this. Hot AAA titles such as; Metro Exodus, State of Decay 2 and Forza Horizon 4 are included, with the likes of Prey and Goat Simulator due soon.

Speaking of Microsoft's Xbox press conference, the company showed around 60 games in the course of 90 minutes. With the next Xbox almost a year-and-a-half away, we're going to be waiting a little while until a full debut of the console, and Microsoft will want to save a bunch of announcements for when this big reveal is made.

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