F1's Ross Brawn on Sebastian Vettel penalty and defending stewards

F1's Ross Brawn on Sebastian Vettel penalty and defending stewards

F1's Ross Brawn on Sebastian Vettel penalty and defending stewards

Wurz, who is central to discussions between drivers, teams and F1 bosses on matters related to racing, added: "You could see it was sort of physics, going over grass, correcting the auto until well back on track in a logical trajectory".

"Where the hell am I supposed to go?" asked Vettel when informed of the penalty. The other question is of gaining an advantage on-track by going off it, but the incident only reduced Vettel's lead.

Vettel interrupted, asking the audience not to boo Hamilton.

Hamilton hit the wall in practice on Friday and suffered a worrying hydraulic leak just ahead of the race, while Bottas suffered a fuel pressure issue on Friday and a spin during Qualifying on Saturday that left him out of position on the grid and with a lot of work to do in a auto that was on the verge of overheating.

"I was of the same opinion when Max Verstappen in Suzuka previous year went over the Astroturf - which is a bit more slippery, there is more dust - he came back, he slid to the other side of the track, there is Kimi Raikkonen wanting to go on the outside and they touched".

The decision by the stewards to penalize Vettel has divided the Formula One community with some taking the opinion that the German was not in a position to control his return to the track. "Obviously, I was going through the grass and I think it's quite commonly known that the grass isn't very grippy, and then I was coming back on track and just trying to make sure I had the vehicle under control".

Wurz said that, applying the rules to the letter, he believed it was "50-50" as to whether Vettel had committed an offence.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton won Sunday's race after Vettel, who finished ahead of him on the road, was penalised five seconds for an incident on Lap 48. Seriously I had nowhere to go.

Hamilton could now finish second and still be first. Of course at a certain point he will put the power back on, because he wants to continue his race.

Here is what Wolff had to say about not being sure if Hamilton would compete in the Canadian Grand Prix, according to Motorsport. "It is such a hard time to follow as the temperatures are so high. So I just tried to get as close as I could". "10 laps to go".

Sadly some of the crowd booed Hamilton when he was speaking during the podium ceremony, which caused Vettel to interject, telling the crowd to desist, as what happened was a decision of the race stewards and had nothing to do with the Englishman. "Ferrari did a fantastic job this weekend, they were so fast on the straights and Sebastian drove a great race, it took absolutely everything from me to try and keep up with them".

So although Vettel was the first across the finish line, he was relegated to second place.

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