Mazda 3s recalled over fears wheels could fall off

Mazda 3s recalled over fears wheels could fall off

Mazda 3s recalled over fears wheels could fall off

The models impacted are those from the 2019 production year, which would've been sold nationally between April 8, 2019, and June 21 2019.

During manufacture, wheel studs may not have been fully seated. A small gap may exist between the wheel studs and the hub assembly. While the occasional clank in suspension of a brand new vehicle might be quite infuriating, it gets worse: the defect might cause "wheel nuts to loosen" as well.

The fear is that this would increase the risk of loss of control of the vehicle and could potentially result in an accident.

Owners are requested to bring their vehicle to their nearest dealer where the lug nuts will be tightened to spec free of charge.

A similar recall notice was issued for the same model in the USA in June, which affected more than 25,000 vehicles. "A rattling noise occurs prior to a wheel detachment from the vehicle", the Japanese carmaker said in a statement.

Despite the seriousness of the issue, Mazda reports that there have been no recorded case yet of a wheel flying off from a Mazda 3.

Product Safety Australia also issued recall notices for a number of older Jeep and Dodge models made between 2007 and 2010, citing concerns ranging from incorrect data on tire placards to manufacturing errors affecting braking.

In 2018, the Mazda 3 was the fourth most sold vehicle in Australia.

The Jeep Cherokee 2008 and 2010, Dodge Nitro 2007, and Jeep Compass 2007, among several others, have also been recalled.

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