Trump says United Kingdom ambassador 'a very stupid guy'

Trump says United Kingdom ambassador 'a very stupid guy'

Trump says United Kingdom ambassador 'a very stupid guy'

"Sir Kim continues to have the prime minister's full support ..." He turned Britain's extreme discomfort into political leverage over America's best friend.

The diplomatic bust up is the latest in a rocky relationship between the key allies since President Trump took office. "But in the past we haven't had such a thin-skinned person in the White House".

That is not the President's way. These are close contacts, with whom we have spent years building relationships: "they are the gate keepers and the "Trump Whisperers" - the individuals we rely upon to ensure the United Kingdom voice is being heard in the West Wing", he said. And he rarely lets pass a chance for revenge.

President Donald Trump said he will no longer deal with Britain's ambassador to the United States following a leak of documents that showed the diplomat insulting the Trump administration.

There are four main theories in Whitehall about where the leak could have come from: A hostile state actor, a USA spy source, a pro-Trump government minister or a disgruntled civil servant.

President Donald Trump announced in a Monday afternoon Twitter salvo on that he would "no longer deal with" British ambassador Kim Darroch, who had criticized the president as "uniquely dysfunctional" in recently leaked comments from 2017.

Theresa May is due to leave office later this month and is likely to be replaced by Boris Johnson, the frontrunner in a Conservative party leadership race.

His first order of business will be to fix Britain's most important diplomatic relationship.

But months later he branded Mrs May as "very angry" when she rebuked him after intelligence shared with the U.S. in the wake of the Manchester terror attack was leaked to American media.

But former and current British officials say that Trump's decision to sever ties between the White House and the British envoy places Darroch in an "untenable" position.

The cables' publication in the Mail on Sunday newspaper came just a month after Trump enjoyed a state visit to Britain that included a 41-gun salute welcome at Buckingham Palace and a banquet dinner with the queen.

The US President had already hit out at Theresa May and the British ambassador after emails describing the White House as "inept" and "incompetent" were leaked to the media.

Commenting on the remarks, Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice told Channel 4 news that the ambassador should have resigned, saying: "How can he retain any credibility whatsoever and continue in his job given he has basically humiliated and embarrassed us with our most important trading and security partner?"

"As the foreign secretary has said, this leak is not acceptable".

Different theories are being floated about the motivation of the leaker.

The British government has dismissed calls for Darroch's dismissal and on Monday said he has May's "full support".

British officials have launched an inquiry to find out who was responsible for the leak and foreign minister Hunt promised "serious consequences" for whoever was responsible.

Outspoken eurosceptic and Trump supporter Nigel Farage called for Darroch to be sacked. But why confirm that Darroch's communications were disparaging of Trump? If Trump can force Darroch home, he would send a message to any foreign government keen to exploit Britain's willingness to bend to the will of a host nation. British diplomats' private correspondence is "not necessarily the views of ministers or indeed the government".

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