Trump's approval rating hits record high

Trump's approval rating hits record high

Trump's approval rating hits record high

"Yet he remains broadly unpopular across personal and professional measures, marking his vulnerabilities in the 2020 election". That is an improvement of 5 percentage points in his approval rating since April.

Fifty-one percent of Americans say he is doing a good job on the economy, which is ranked as a highly important issue for 82% of adults heading into the 2020 election.

After the first debate Jonathan Allen of NBC News declared "President Donald Trump was the big victor of the first 2020 Democratic debate" because he "emerged from the scrap largely unscathed - barely mentioned at all - even though he is a uniquely antagonizing and energizing force for Democratic voters".

51 percent approve of President Trump's handling of the economy, more than half for the first time in his presidency.

The Post also asserted "Trump and Republicans are trying to attach the label of "socialist" to all the Democrats", and it is working.

The poll also noted the president runs competitively among four of the five possible Democratic opponents. A 49-43 victory would produce an electoral landslide for the president.

See the full Washington Post/ABC news poll results here. "Trump reaches highest approval rating of presidency in latest poll", read its headline.

Those saying that Trump is "unpresidential" also dropped to 65% from the 70% who said he has not acted "fitting and proper for a president" in January 2018.

Allan Smith's lead went further down that road.

US President Donald Trump on Monday (July 8) once again denounced the "unfair, ineffective, and very, very expensive" Paris climate accord, during a speech on "America's environmental leadership". That was 5 points higher than his approval in a poll from April, and it surpassed his previous high of 42% in April 2017. With an all-time high 47% approval among registered voters, the Post admits, "Trump has a narrow but real path to reelection". Even a fifth of those who fault him for acting unpresidential still approve of his handling of the job.

The Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll has Trump at 49 percent approval and 51 percent disapproval. Critics say Trump's remarks are a nod to voters anxious about climate change and pollution.

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