Stranger Things Season 4 Will 'Open Up,' Says The Duffer Brothers

Stranger Things Season 4 Will 'Open Up,' Says The Duffer Brothers

Stranger Things Season 4 Will 'Open Up,' Says The Duffer Brothers

If you're experiencing the same post-season sadness that we are but don't exactly feel like starting the series from scratch, there are other, fresher ways to return to the Upside Down.

Stranger Things Season 3 is now out on Netflix, and it's a great way to celebrate the summer season.

What has Cads fans even more excited is that the national media has taken a liking to the prospects of this year's team, thus confirming what many have been feeling since head coach Chris Mack secured his deep recruiting class.

And while Netflix hasn't officially announced a new season, creators Ross and Matt Duffer are already looking ahead to Stranger Things 4.

Netflix has always been tight-lipped about its viewership numbers. Additionally, 18.2 million globally had already completed the entire third season during that time.

The Variety report notes valid caveats, such as the fact that subscribers saying they'll join and actually pulling the trigger are two separate things. What's more, the platform only offers hints as to who's watching what (and how many people are watching it) whenever the show or film in question is a hit.

Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer are now writing the fourth (and possibly final) season of their Netflix sci-fi drama, which ventures outside of fictional IN town Hawkins. The show's success since its 2016 debut has led to major pay raises for the main cast.

The season's first episode over four days had 19.2 million US viewers in the average minute, compared with the Season 2 kickoff, which had 17.7 million.

The locker room fight scene is a particular highlight (despite Erica's negotiating abilities almost stealing the show), congregating our young adventurers at the public pool in an attempt to entrap Billy, and figure out what's going on with him. First of all, Netflix just bragged about how popular the show is.

This plot point is key and it would make a lot of sense to bring the other children with powers back into the show. Rounding out third is Season 2 with 10.9% of the vote. However, that is expected to happen very soon.

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