Somalia security forces end attack on Somalia hotel that killed 13

Somalia security forces end attack on Somalia hotel that killed 13

Somalia security forces end attack on Somalia hotel that killed 13

Islamist gunmen killed 26 people, including Kenyans, Americans, a Briton and Tanzanians, when they stormed a hotel in Somalia's southern port city of Kismayo, a regional state president said on Saturday, the deadliest day in the city since insurgents were driven out in 2012.

On Friday, July 12, 2019, the journalist dedicated to telling positive stories from a country suffering through decades of civil war, extremist attacks and starvation was killed along with her husband, Farid Jama Suleiman, entrepreneur Mahad Nur and at least 23 others after a bomb exploded outside the Asasey Hotel in the Somalian city of Kismayo and gunmen stormed inside.

A presidential candidate for upcoming regional elections was also killed in the assault by four militants, Jubbaland president Ahmed Mohamed said.

Witnesses report that they heard a huge blast before several heavily-armed men forced their way into the hotel.

Nalayeh, a mother of two boys, was the founder of Integration TV which she launched in 2014.

Canadians are mourning after an extremist attack hit Somalia Friday night, killing multiple people including a Canadian journalist and her husband.

"Her attractive spirit shined through her work and the way she treated people".

Jubbaland president Mohamed said Jama Fariid, Naleyah's husband, had also been killed.

"Being patient with my brothers and sisters who have witnessed war and conflict is the least I can do", she said in a July 5 Twitter post. "We mourn her loss deeply, and all others killed in the Kismayo attack".

"Africa, and the world, has lost a shining star who was a force for good", said CNN Africa producer Stephanie Busari.

According to the organziation, Nalayeh had recently returned to Somalia after living in Canada for years "to help showcase Somalia's peaceful transformation".

The group remains a strong presence in rural Somalia and has carried out numerous attacks in the region.

"Hodan worked so hard to just get positive stories out there, and change the perspectives on her own community", said Michelle-Andrea Girouard, a documentary filmmaker in Toronto who produced video segments for Ms. Nalayeh's show.

According to reports by the BBC News, the attack occurred when a suicide bomber rammed a vehicle containing explosives into the Sasey Hotel in the port of Kismayo.

While responding to a $ 1.5 million ransom demand by al-Shabaab in respect to the two abducted Cuban doctors, Juma said the government will not engage the militant group in ransom talks as a matter of policy.

In a recent podcast, Nalayeh said her television programme about the Somali diaspora gave the community a voice.

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