War not something I'm fond of, but I'm patriotic: Priyanka Chopra

War not something I'm fond of, but I'm patriotic: Priyanka Chopra

War not something I'm fond of, but I'm patriotic: Priyanka Chopra

The tense moment went down Sunday in L.A., where Priyanka was attending the Beautycon event and fielding questions from the crowd during a Q&A. The security took away her microphone when she seemed to have lost control over herself and apparently that irked Ayesha further, and more updates form the world of entertainment.

Recently, during an event in Los Angeles, Priyanka was lauded for maintaining her calm after a Pakistani woman named Ayesha Malik called her "hypocrite" and criticised her over an old tweet where PeeCee saluted Indian Armed Forces after Balakot airstrike. So it did seem very much like Priyanka was cheering airstrikes, something she faced controversy for at the time.

"You are United Nations Goodwill ambassador for peace and you are encouraging nuclear war in Pakistan".

"She [Priyanka] gaslit me and turned the narrative around on me being the "bad guy" - as a United Nations ambassador this was so irresponsible", she said further.

"I hear you. Whenever you're done venting".

At Beauty Con LA, Priyanka Chopra was accused of being a hypocrite by a Pakistani woman.

"I think that all of us have a, sort of, middle ground that we all have to walk".

Priyanka hasn't stepped down - she's actually being awarded with a humanitarian award later this year by the org.

"The way you came at me right now?"

Priyanka also apologized for hurting sentiments of the people who loved her and said that there has to be some middle ground on which all will have to walk.

"I have many, many friends from Pakistan and I am from India", she continued. She added, "We all have bad days. We're all here for love".

If you are an Indian this video will make you feel proud and even prouder on Priyanka Chopra.

India and Pakistan have fought two of their three wars over the disputed territory of Kashmir, which both claim in full but administer separate portions of since gaining independence from the British in 1947. She wasted no time clarifying her a Tweet she sent on the subject last March to the audience, as well as putting the critic in her place.

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