Trump confirms China moving troops to Hong Kong border

Trump confirms China moving troops to Hong Kong border

Trump confirms China moving troops to Hong Kong border

Tactics by Hong Kong police have become a major issue for protesters.

The interruptions follow a weekend of violence that saw police fire tear gas into a subway station and shoot rubber bullets at close range.

Most flights appeared to be running on schedule based on one of the departure boards at the airport and hundreds of travelers were in the departures hall.

Flag carrier Cathay Pacific said flights might still be cancelled at short notice. "The airport authority didn't deal with the situation".

Some flights were able to depart and land earlier Tuesday, a day after more than 200 flights were canceled.

Flight operations at Hong Kong Airport are returning to normal after two days of disruptions caused by mass protests.

Chinese authorities blame a "few radicals" among protesters, while coverage of alleged police brutality is censored on the mainland.

As a result, Hong Kong's airport is one of the busiest in the world both for passengers and freight.

After filling up the arrivals hall, demonstrators are now streaming into the departures area despite increased security measures created to keep them out.

Authorities in Beijing on Monday slammed violent protesters who threw petrol bombs at police officers, linking them to "terrorism".

The unrest, which has seen millions of people take to Hong Kong's streets, was sparked by opposition to a planned law that would have allowed extraditions to mainland China.

One entrance to the immigration area was entirely blocked by protesters and arriving passengers struggled to get through.

The Royal Thai Consulate-General suggested that Thais due to board flights at the airport on Tuesday and today should consult their airlines for updates on the status of their flights and avoid protest-ridden areas at the airport if at all possible. Some flights were taking off and going through check-in as airlines worked through the backlog.

Flight operations resumed at the airport Wednesday morning after two days of disruptions marked by outbursts of violence highlighting the hardening positions of pro-democracy protesters and the authorities in the Chinese city that's a major worldwide travel hub.

Some flights Tuesday were still cancelled.

Hong Kong protesters block access to the departure gates during another demonstration at Hong Kong's worldwide airport on August 13, 2019.

"On the outside, Western interference distorts the global image of a socialist nation, and on the inside it encourages and expands upon social chaos", the Rodong said Tuesday, while mentioning Pelosi by name.

Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, told RT that the USA government has always been involved with Hong Kong's protest movement, adding "it's widely known that the U.S., through its National Endowment for Democracy, has bankrolled a lot of these political parties and political leaders".

For a second consecutive day, protesters of China's grip on Hong Kong disrupted air travel. Recent demonstrations have called for an independent inquiry into the city's police and its alleged abuse of power.

Hong Kong's pro-Beijing leader, Carrie Lam, gave an at-times emotional press conference on Tuesday morning in which she warned of risky consequences if escalating violence was not curbed.

On Monday, Pelosi tweeted, "It is alarming to watch the #HongKong police with support from Beijing intensify their use of force against the protesters and label them violent criminals".

The city's chief executive, Carrie Lam, remarked that the bill was "dead".

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