Brazil's Bolsonaro willing to accept foreign aid to fight Amazon fires

Brazil's Bolsonaro willing to accept foreign aid to fight Amazon fires

Brazil's Bolsonaro willing to accept foreign aid to fight Amazon fires

"I am speaking now to all leaders, to all of you who are leaders in your countries, you have to set up ways to put pressure on the Brazilian government so it takes action to put a definitive end to forest fires", Metuktire said in a video statement released Saturday.

Brazil rejected 20 million euros in emergency funds to fight Amazon fires that had been offered by French President Emmanuel Macron on behalf of Group of Seven countries.

On Monday (26 August), the second day of the G7 meeting in Biarritz, France, climate protection was on the agenda.

Canada's offer of $15 million to fight the fires is still believed to be on the table, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is coming under increasing attack for forging ahead with controversial trade talks with several South America countries, including Brazil.

"The offer of $20 [million] is chump change, especially as the crisis in the Amazon is directly linked to overconsumption of meat and dairy in the UK and other G7 countries", Richard George, the head of forests for Greenpeace UK, told The Guardian.

Bolsonaro said the French president had called him a liar and he accused Macron of questioning Brazil's sovereignty amid tensions over the fires.

Later, in an at times fraught discussion with members of his cabinet and governors of Amazon states, Mr Bolsonaro said he did not have anything against the G7 countries, but rather against the president of one of them - a thinly veiled reference to Mr Macron.

"To talk or accept anything from France, with the best possible intentions, he has to withdraw these words, and from there we can talk".

The spat comes after a Bolsonaro supporter posted this meme mocking Brigitte Macron, 66, and comparing her unfavourably with Brazil's first lady 37-year-old Michelle Bolsonaro.

Wealthy Nations Are Being Slammed For Donating 'Just' $29M To Stop Amazon Fires
Brazil rejects Sh2bn G7 aid to fight Amazon wildfires

The fires tearing through the Amazon represent a "tipping point" for the health of the rainforest, the head of a top global forestry management body said Wednesday, urging the world to do more to save the trees.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also tweeted that the company would be "donating to help preserve the Amazon rainforest's biodiversity" but he did not name a figure.

Meanwhile, Bolsonaro's approval ratings are dwindling in Brazil, according to recent opinion polls.

While some world leaders have criticized the Brazilian president for his handling of the fires, he received praise from US President Donald Trump, who tweeted Tuesday that Bolsonaro was doing a "great job" that was "not easy". We will receive foreign resources as long as it is reviewed. that governance is ours, "said the spokesman".

Brazil has bristled over what it views as neo-colonial interference by Europe on matters of sovereignty and economic development.

In the hard-hit northwestern state of Rondonia, thick smoke has choked the capital Porto Velho as fires blacken swaths of the rainforest. "The situation isn't simple but it is under control".

"We think that it's not the moment to turn down money", Flávio Dino, the governor of Maranhao state, told reporters after a meeting in which Bolsonaro pledged to agree on a package of legislative measures with the states by September 5 to help prevent the surge in forest fires happening again. CBS News correspondent Manuel Bojorquez reported about 15% of the Earth's fresh water is in the Amazon, which contains so much moisture scientists say it actually helps cool the entire planet.

Bolivia's leftist President Evo Morales on Tuesday gave a half-hearted welcome to the G7 aid pledge, which he described as "tiny".

"If tropical dense forests are affected by forest fires, they need many, many years to regroup".

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