IPhone Hack Uncovered By Google Even Targeted Android And Windows

IPhone Hack Uncovered By Google Even Targeted Android And Windows

IPhone Hack Uncovered By Google Even Targeted Android And Windows

Sources gathered by Forbes reveal that devices running Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows operating system were also targeted in what Google described as an "indiscriminate" attack.

The attacks, discovered by Google security researchers, were reportedly used to target devices used by the Uighur Muslim ethnic group in the country as part of a crackdown by the Chinese state.

Researchers in the field of information security from Google Project found a group of sites with a code that allowed the app to install on iPhone the program treated with root privileges and uploads to a malicious server confidential data. The iMessage vulnerabilities discovered by the Google Project Zero members could fetch prices in the vicinity of "millions or even tens of millions" on the exploit market.

According to a report by TechCrunch, the malicious websites were "part of a state-backed attack - likely China - created to target the Uyghur community in the country's Xinjiang state".

Speaking to the sophistication of the attack - which persisted for two years - sources tell Forbes that the malware on impacted sites was routinely updated to adapt to the computing usage habits of the Uyghur community.

"That Android and Windows were targeted is a sign that the hacks were part of a broad, two-year effort that went beyond Apple phones and infected many more than first suspected", Brewster wrote.

Techcrunch further cites an anonymous source who says that the US FBI has opened an investigation of its own into the attacks and has contacted Google to delist the affected websites from its index to prevent further spread.

Apple, Google, and Microsoft did not right away react to Organisation Expert's request for remark. It does not matter whether you are the kind of person that uses an extremely strong password and diligently encrypts and locks all your iPhone or Android devices.

An iPhone exploit which used malicious websites to hack iPhones was used to target Uyghur Muslims in China.

Additionally, almost all models in the iPhone lineup are found to be vulnerable to the exploits found by Project Zero, specifically all devices running from iOS 10 to iOS 12. When Gizmodo asked about these reported developments, a Google spokesperson said the company had no new information to disclose.

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