Iran to commit nuclear deal if paid for oil sales

Iran to commit nuclear deal if paid for oil sales

Iran to commit nuclear deal if paid for oil sales

France has proposed offering Iran about $15 billion in credit lines until year-end if Tehran comes fully back into compliance with the nuclear deal, a move that hinges on Washington not blocking it, according to Reuters.

Earlier this year, both National Security Advisor Ambassador John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters that Iran would be met with "unrelenting force" and "maximum pressure" if the country breached imposed uranium enrichment sanctions.

The deal gave Iran access to world trade, including the sale of oil, in exchange for curbs on its nuclear program.

Washington has since renewed and intensified its sanctions, slashing Iran's crude oil sales by more than 80%.

President Hassan Rouhani, whose government has been scrambling to salvage the accord after the United States abandoned it last May, said the new measures will be "extremely important".

"That's not happening", he said.

Iran's Arabic-language al-Alam TV reported on Wednesday that Tehran would announce "within hours" steps to further scale back its commitments under the nuclear deal.

Rouhani didn't specify what the next step would be, but he hinted that it would play an important part in transforming the nation's nuclear program. "All limitations on our Research and Development will be lifted on Friday".

Low-enriched uranium, which has a 3-5% concentration, can be used to produce fuel for nuclear power plants.

Tehran and Washington have been at loggerheads since May 2018 when Trump unilaterally withdrew the US from the nuclear deal and began reimposing crippling sanctions. We've taken numerous steps to improve the quality, quantity, and distribution of our content for even greater impact.

The country's President Hassan Rouhani has given European powers another two months to save the pact, warning that Tehran is preparing for further significant breaches of the agreement if diplomatic efforts fail.

Iranian officials are reporting little progress with negotiators representing the European sides to the nuclear deal, as the September 6 deadline set by Tehran looms large.

"They know what we want, and we know what they want", Rouhani said.

Iran said on Wednesday that Europe must offer 15 billion dollars in credit before the two sides can start any fresh nuclear negotiations, a senior Iranian diplomat said on Wednesday.

The US has not categorically rejected the idea.

"We did sanctions today. We have good economic relations, they could have been much much better if there were no United States sanctions". "We can't make it any more clear that we are committed to this campaign of maximum pressure and we are not looking to grant any exceptions or waivers", said Hook.

A USA official mentioned that the transfer confirmed Washington's place on enjoyable sanctions - and warned that extra would come.

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