Leaks suggest Overwatch is coming to Switch in October

Leaks suggest Overwatch is coming to Switch in October

Leaks suggest Overwatch is coming to Switch in October

But it seems like Nintendo Switch games just release whenever they want, and many have come out on Friday (which is the day October 18 falls on). While camping, they can talk to their Pokemon and even play with them or have them play with each other to allow relationships and bonds to grow. You can pre-order the Switch Lite in either turquoise or grey; there's no sign of the yellow one just yet.

Additionally, we learned about Pokemon Camps, which are multiplayer hubs that players can set up.

A big component of Pokemon Camp will actually be cooking up curry dishes.

So, when can you get stuck into all of these SNES games?

The trailer that debut during the Nintendo Direct also touches on cosmetics, revealing that players will be able to change their clothes and hairstyles as they adventure across the Galar region.

Customizing your character isn't knew to Pokemon, but in Sword and Shield it has been updated quite a bit. What are you hoping for from a port? We didn't learn too many details about the new feature, but it's an open-world aspect brand new to the franchise. You and up to three others can all hang out together and interact with one another's Pokemon, as you can bring some of your own with you on the viist.

As for the newest Pokemon to join the roster, Polteageist is up and is a Ghost-type Pokemon that "usually makes its home by hiding amongst dishes at hotels & Restaurants". Also officially on the docket for tonight's 40-minute presentation is more news about Pokémon Sword and Shield and Luigi's Mansion 3.

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