United Kingdom lawmakers pass bill to delay no-deal Brexit

United Kingdom lawmakers pass bill to delay no-deal Brexit

United Kingdom lawmakers pass bill to delay no-deal Brexit

He resigned as a minister under Theresa May a year ago in opposition to the Brexit deal she reached with Brussels. If Johnson enjoyed a brief honeymoon since taking power in July, it came to abrupt end Tuesday when he faced his first vote - and a startling defeat - in Parliament.

Where this now leaves Brexit and the government is unclear.

On Wednesday evening, they approved a bill that could force the PM to delay Brexit to January or even later if he cannot agree to exit terms with Brussels in time. The eight business groups said a no-deal Brexit would "create substantial disruption for businesses, workers, farmers, and regulators", and that "such disruptions are bound to affect jobs, consumer choices, and the cost of goods and services". As a result of the ruling, an appeal is scheduled to be heard later today in a further bid to prevent Johnson from suspending Parliament.

Most experts believe a general election must take place in the near future to find a path out of the political turmoil.

Jeremy Corbyn said the Bill created to prevent a no-deal Brexit must be passed through the Lords and have received Royal Assent before his party would back a snap election.

Mr Corbyn said the negotiations Johnson talked about "are a sham - all he's doing is running down the clock".

Johnson earlier challenged Labour to back his call for an election, urging Corbyn to "let the people decide" how to resolve the Brexit impasse.

"He isn't winning friends in Europe".

He expelled them all, depriving his six-week-old government of a parliamentary majority.

The no-deal Brexit bill, supported by 21 rebel Conservatives and opposition MPs, states that Johnson has until 19 October to either pass a divorce agreement in parliament or get MPs to approve a no-deal Brexit.

His stance has infuriated many longtime, prominent party members.

Johnson claimed he was quoting Labour's education spokesperson who reportedly used the phrase herself in 2018.

"He's obviously going to campaign before that on the basis that he's been thwarted in getting an unbelievable beneficial deal for this country, which is actually being blocked by wicked continental politicians and by MPs in the House of Commons who have no sense of the true national interest - which is to keep him in power". Baroness Smith, Labour leader in the House of Lords, confirmed the opposition supported the move in the Lords overnight, and said she hoped there would be "no further frustrations" of the bill as it goes through all its stages on Friday. A Scottish judge ruled that it was a decision for lawmakers and not for the courts. Korea signed a free trade agreement (FTA) with Britain last month to maintain tariff-free trade conditions even under a no-deal Brexit scenario, but uncertainties remain in other elements apart from trade. Removing the ability to crash out of the European Union without a deal extends Brexit until next year. Johnson's supporters said lawmakers were weakening the government's negotiating position with the EU. "They want the referendum respected".

The bloc insists it won't renegotiate the agreement struck with former Prime Minister Theresa May, which Johnson considers unacceptable.

One of the major sticking points has been over the so-called backstop to ensure that there is no physical border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

What would happen should European Union member states decline a request for an extension?

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