Trump Says Afghan Peace Talks With Taliban 'Are Dead'

Trump Says Afghan Peace Talks With Taliban 'Are Dead'

Trump Says Afghan Peace Talks With Taliban 'Are Dead'

On Saturday, President Donald Trump tweeted that "the major Taliban leaders and, separately, the President of Afghanistan, were going to secretly meet with me at Camp David on Sunday".

Trump cancelled the meeting after the Taliban admitted carrying out an attack in Kabul on September 5 that killed 11 people, including a U.S. soldier.

Mr Trump has been talking of a need to withdraw U.S. troops from the "endless war" in Afghanistan since his 2016 presidential campaign, and he said in a tweet on Monday: "We have been serving as policemen in Afghanistan, and that was not meant to be the job of our Great Soldiers, the finest on earth".

"Whatever was the reason for inviting Taliban leaders to Camp David and whatever the real reason for pulling the plug, the peace process has been disrupted at least for the moment", said Laurel Miller, Asia director for International Crisis Group.

The Taliban has said that its negotiators would have traveled to the US only after an agreement with the USA was announced and would meet only with US officials, which rules out a summit with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

If deadly Taliban attacks on American servicemen and women were a deal-breaker for Trump, why did his administration keep the talks going during previous Taliban murders?

Mr Trump has been criticised for entertaining the possibility of hosting the Taliban just days before the anniversary of the 11 September attacks.

U.S. and Taliban negotiators struck a draft peace deal last week that could have led to a drawdown of troops from America's longest war. The American president said he'd arranged for a secret trip, bringing Afghanistan's president and Taliban leaders to Camp David. Trump also chose to invite Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, whose government was not party to the talks.

In a statement to Al Jazeera, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said Washington would regret turning its back on talks spearheaded by high-level officials from both sides.

But he recently said that he wanted to get troop numbers down to 8,600 - about the same as the level when he entered office - and then "make a determination from there". "As far as I'm concerned, they are dead". Ashraf Ghani is seeking a second five-year term.

Senator Mitt Romney said that "it wouldn't have been my choice to have the Taliban at Camp David" - an opinion echoed by Senator Ron Johnson, who said he was "glad" the talks were not held there.

The objective is to make "the Afghan security forces stronger so that they can fight worldwide terrorism and create the conditions for peace", the official said. "I want to see if we can get to the final outcome we needed". The president has demonstrated a willingness to swing from one extreme to the other in foreign policy, including condemning and then praising Kim Jong Un, leader of North Korea.

A auto bombing Thursday killed one US soldier, which Trump said in a series of tweets Saturday night had led to his decision."President Trump said, 'Enough, '" Pompeo said on ABC's "This Week". "No member of the Taliban should set foot there".

But the seizure of the district, which lies close to the border of Russia's military ally Tajikistan, comes days after the Taliban made another advance by capturing the Anar Darah neighborhood in western Afghanistan.

After the cancellation of peace process, the Taliban said that Trump's decision would cost America more lives.

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