'Howdy, Modi!': Trump attends Indian PM's rally in Houston

'Howdy, Modi!': Trump attends Indian PM's rally in Houston

'Howdy, Modi!': Trump attends Indian PM's rally in Houston

While introducing the USA president, Modi first spoke in English and noted that Trump's name "comes up in nearly every conversation in the world on global politics".

Modi began his talk inside the NRG Stadium, home to the Houston Texans football team, with a loud, "Howdy, my friends!"

One could argue that Modi was simply referring to Trump's candidacy back in 2016, when, in an ad aimed at the Indian-American population, used the same words.

With Trump watching in the front row and listening to the translation, Modi made clear reference to rival Pakistan, which controls part of Kashmir and has sought to rally global attention over the Himalayan territory.

Addressing the cheering crowd, Modi said the presence of such a big gathering is not confined to arithmetic and that people are seeing new history and chemistry being made.

Both sides also did not have the annual US-India Trade Policy Forum dialogue last year, with no signs so far that it will be held this year either.

Meanwhile, Trump's opponents in the Democratic party also took issue with the bonhomie with Modi, with presidential contender Bernie Sanders asking about the deafening silence on the "human rights crisis" in Kashmir.

"You [India] have never had a better friend as President as President Donald Trump", he said.

Sunday's "Howdy, Modi" event in Houston, Texas, was remarkable because of the the rare sight of two leaders of large countries appearing together at a rally in which both delivered extremely political speeches.

But organisers of the "Howdy, Modi!" event say Trump can expect a receptive audience.

In June, the Trump administration accused India of imposing a wide range of trade barriers, and the United States ended preferential trade deals with India.

"Energy of NRG (stadium) is a witness of synergy between India and the US. Diversity is basis of our democracy", the prime minister said. John Cornyn and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner are expected to join Modi and Trump on stage. "I admire him for. his sense of leadership, a passion for America, a concern for every American, a belief in American future and a strong resolve to make America great again", the Prime Minister had declared, slipping in a reference to Mr Trump's election slogan. While talking about drop in unemployment among different communities, the US President specifically mentioned that there was a 33% drop in unemployment among Indian-Americans. "And we understand that", Trump said as Modi was seen clapping. He added that India has connected well with President Trump and endorsed the latter by saying "Abki Baar, Trump Sakar".

After the Howdy Modi event, Trump and Modi are likely to sign trade deal to lower some tariffs on United States produce and restore preferential treatment for some Indian exports to the country.

Once Modi ended his speech at 10 minutes past midnight India time, he went up to Trump and both the leaders walked out of the stadium, holding their hands for a long time.

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