Apple Arcade lands on macOS Catalina beta

Apple Arcade lands on macOS Catalina beta

Apple Arcade lands on macOS Catalina beta

Similarly, a new feature called Sidecar allows you to use your iPad as a second screen for your Mac - one of the benefits of this being that Apple Pencil will work with Mac by proxy, the iPad acting as a drawing board for it.

One of the defining features of the new macOS update is the splitting up of iTunes.

Follow the remaining steps and you should be well on your way to Sidecar, Apple Arcade, the Music app and much much more. Those who sync their iPhones will now see it in the Finder. That's because with these new apps, Apple is killing iTunes for Mac and these three apps are the ones that are going to replace it. In the case of devices like laptops, which aren't connected to a cellular network, Apple detects its location using encrypted Bluetooth data from other Apple devices passing by. It's all about apps in macOS Catalina, so Photos got a new immersive, dynamic look similar to that available on iOS/iPadOS 13, Notes are now easier to find and share, browsing with Safari is faster and more secure, and there's all-new Reminders and Find My apps. It uses the speech recognition form Siri to allow for control by voice.

If you've been waiting for the latest update to macOS, here's your chance: Catalina is available for download now. Launch the all-new Find My app from the Applications folder in Finder, or via Spotlight. However, the new Music app uses a different format to organize music libraries, so this methods of sharing can no longer be used.

We should caveat all of this by saying that the update only affects Mac computers, so iTunes still exists for Windows users. Even though the new operating system has been in beta for months, updating your Mac today will lead to a few annoying issues that you might want to wait for Adobe to iron out.

There's also a dedicated "Find My" app where you can see your devices on a map, including those without cellular connections. If yes, let us know if you liked it or not.

Mac owners running 2018's Mojave can upgrade to Catalina through the Software Update applet selected from System Preferences.

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